Fun Weekend With The Girls……


Woke up to a glorious Friday morning, was so ready to face the day’s activities that I practically dashed out of my posh 2 bedroom apartment, got into my car and just felt so relaxed as I got into motion. It takes 45mins from my house to the office but usual island traffic makes it an hour which is till fair compared to when I was going to the office from the mainland. Can’t believe how far I have come from jumping buses while shuttling between mainland and island to having my own apartment on the island. I have to give thanks to God for the opportunity to build myself to the point of being a project supervisor in one of the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria which has given me a great platform to express myself and meet well know dignitaries in my sector.

Work was going smoothly for the day and all my colleagues were already itching to close in order to have a swell weekend but that wasn’t in my line of thoughts because I know, as usual, I will be taking some of my unfinished work home and just sit in my sitting room watching already downloaded movies on my hard drive. That has gradually become my normal routine for the past 3years and it seems am not looking forward to having it changed. I was still busy with work when my phone beeped to alert me of a message from Mercy my dear friend asking what was my plan for the weekend which I casually replied, as usual. This got her replying that she ain’t surprised as I have gradually turned to the usual Kora. The affectionate way Mercy do pronounce my name always get me smiling as she is the only one that calls me Kora while every other calls me Zikora. She continued in her normal way of advising me not to shut myself out from social activities as with time it might make me get frustrated and pleading that I change my routine and that in fact she really wants me to hang out with her and our other friends. I was really surprised at her pleas and also grateful for our friendship because she is one person that hasn’t given up on me ever since I turned into a recluse. I quickly told her, I will get back to her.

Three years ago, I was a very jovial and lively lady that knows how to balance her work and social life. Loved hanging out and meeting friends and was happy been single and wasn’t even ready to let any man sweep me off my feet. Then came Brown who persisted till I had to give him a chance, though I didn’t play the hard to get because he was introduced to me by a mutual friend who assured me of his sincerity and with careful analysis, decided to give him a chance. We dated for 2years and called it quits because I couldn’t cope with the nonchalant attitude of his, and the zeal to keep the candle burning wasn’t there anymore, I just felt used and disappointed especially when I later learned of his unfaithfulness. Deciding to move on, made me move from the mainland to the island, concentrated on my work, pushed myself to get to the top in my company and now I have to agree with Mercy that I can’t be a recluse anymore. I need to go out and enjoy the work of my hands, need to loosen up and have a positive outlook on life. With that, I quickly send a message to Mercy of my interest and requested for details.

That acceptance led to a 10mins call from her as she was so happy to hear that am game and also informed me that she will stop by my office and join me to my home to pick up some stuff I will need as we will be spending the weekend in a newly opened hotel in Ikoyi, alongside Anna, Christy, and Joy. It sounded promising and just couldn’t wait to have fun.

Image result for graphic photo celebrating friendship

As promised, Mercy came to the office and meeting her at the reception almost got me crying because though we are in the same state, live on the island and our office not very far from each other, we haven’t seen each other for 8months. She had never given up on our friendship, and even when I don’t check up on her, she still does. She is always the one to chat me up, call me and the first to wish me a happy new month.

Am I looking forward to the weekend? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued…..



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