We Were Meant To Be…Ep 2

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Still reeling with disgust and guilt over what happened two months ago, Tunde just couldn’t get past how stupid he behaved over few bottles of beer, he usually wasn’t an alcohol person but when his cousin couldn’t leave without him for the birthday party he was invited to attend, he had to oblige him and ended up messing himself up in the process.

All he could remember after that outing was meeting a pretty damsel with an infectious personality and a sexy voice despite her being slightly drunk, whom he later understood was the celebrant. He remembered asking her for a dance with him after he noticed she danced so well. He really isn’t the type to be found in a night club, even though his friends back in Georgia always try to drag him to attend and maybe if he had always attended with them he could have known the game rules when it comes to clubbing.

It actually happened so fast, first he was dancing to a party jamz and the next it seems their bodies were moving in uniform rhythm to the music and with almost everyone on the dance floor, he found himself really close to his partner and he was so aroused that he knew the lady sensed that because she just look into his eyes and all he could see was encouragement and that led to him bending towards her 5ft:8inches frame to join his lips to hers and he was so lost in the process. The urgency in the kissing, which was so good because his partner was really good at it, made him hold her more closely. A feeling that made it seems he want her all to himself. How they left the dance hall to the restroom can’t be explained, how they remove their clothes for the mind blowing sex is still uncertain but what he kept thanking God for , was the ability to have been able to use the condom he came with.

“Hello Mike, this is Tunde, I really need us to see because there is something I need you to help me with. He could sense that Mike was already getting worried but had to tell him no issue, just want to discuss something that can’t be discussed over the phone”.

Ending the call, Tunde stared at the folder in front of him and he remembered the discussion he had with the owner of the folder. He remembered admiring her smiles and how jovial she was till he dropped the bombshell about her being pregnant. Still wondering why she would have looked so pale after hearing the news. Although he was a little bit disappointed because he was thinking of collecting her contact in order to know her more but he clearly can’t do that now as he doesn’t wanna string another person’s baggage alongside his.

Can’t believe am gonna be a single mom, reasoned Jane as she thought of how best she will explain it to her immediate boss because with time it will be difficult to hide her pregnancy and the earlier her colleagues knows about it the faster the gossip will die down. Fresh tears clouded her eyes and she was so lost in her thought that she didn’t know when someone tapped her on her shoulder. Raising her eyes to know who it was, made her come face to face with her boss and she became worried because she hadn’t even finish strategizing.

Her boss was really shocked to see her crying and stylishly beckoned her to follow him to his office which she did. Sitting her down, he poured her a glass of juice and calmly asked her what was going on. She thought of lying but decided against it and blurted out her reason for the tears. Apparently, he didn’t see that coming, because, for the next 20minutes, he didn’t utter any word. She now had to use the opportunity to tell him that she intends keeping the pregnancy and with time everyone will know about it but she is assuring him that her pregnancy won’t get in the way of her job and would appreciate if he can allow her to access the benefits of pregnant staff even though she isn’t married.

Her boss just kept looking at her and she could sense he was thinking of what to tell her but she just hoped whatever decision he will make, will be for her benefit. She was already getting restless when he later told her that the company will assist her in anyway possible and she shouldn’t feel that becoming a single parent would make them think less of her. That was a huge relief for her and she was really grateful for that comforting speech. With that, she was ready to face her family and the world.

“Good afternoon, my favorite nurse, beamed Jane as she strolled into the hospital’s waiting lounge”.
“Ah aunty Jane, welcome, how have work been and hope the malaria has finally left you”?
“Well to an extent yes but I actually want to see Dr. Lisa for a different matter”.
“Dr. Lisa didn’t come today but you can equally see Dr. Tunde, he is free for now, replied the nurse”.

Jane didn’t know how she can actually tell the nurse why she wanted to specifically see Dr. Lisa and she can’t afford to come to the hospital the following day because her team at work are behind in their workload. With no other option, she agreed to be directed to see the available doctor.

Tunde really wasn’t in the mood to attend to anyone, but when he saw the name on the folder and knowing it belong to the lady that has been disturbing his thoughts, he had to sit still and await the object of his thought in his office.

The soft knock on his door brought him back to the present and he beckoned her to come inside. Jane was clearly shocked because she didn’t expect to see the same doctor that was the deliverer of the news that changed her life forever. With her usual infectious smile, she greeted him and took her seat. She had once admired him the first time they met at the hospital’s laboratory center and even before he dropped the bombshell, she had entertain thoughts of being friends with him. Looking at him while he studied her folder, she guessed his age to be the mid-30s.

The doctor cleared his throat and began by commending the fact that her blood sugar lever was normal and likewise her blood pressure and then asked her what brings her to the hospital. He clearly didn’t want to hear something negative but you never can tell the minds of ladies.

Jane told him not to think negative as if reading his mind but rather would love to know how she will go about her antenatal classes and other things necessary for her to do pertaining her pregnancy.

It came as a relief to Tunde knowing she isn’t contemplating going for an abortion and was wondering within him why that feeling of relief. He was still wondering when she saw a photo on his table of him and his cousin Mike with his sister on her convocation recently. She tried to place Mike face, which got her to ask what relationship he has with Mike, which he replied that he is his cousin and then asked her if he knew him, which she replied yes but didn’t elaborate.


To be continued…


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We Were Meant To Be!!!!

You are pregnant!!!…hellooooo miss Jane can you hear me??? Am talking to you? So lost in her thoughts that she couldn’t really comprehend if she should answer the doctor or keep pretending she didn’t hear his outburst. Had to nod her head when he decided to touch her hands which were placed on his table in order to bring her back to reality.

Why didn’t she see the signs? she kept asking herself in her subconscious and reading her mind, the doctor went further to explain that the malaria symptoms was actually the reason she never suspected she was pregnant. Jane couldn’t really look up to his face, the face she had been admiring from the first day they met a few days ago at the hospital’s laboratory center when she came to carry out malaria test as advised by another doctor in the hospital.

The next question was like a shock to her when he asked if she was married? Married!!! What a question? She casually told him she wasn’t and not even in a relationship. This pregnancy was as a result of two stupid people that was drunk and it clearly dawned on her that the condom they used obviously got broke. Gosh, she felt like throwing up, and wanting to clear her head, she quickly excused herself from the doctor’s office and told him she will get in touch soonest.

“Jane..Jane…Jane Adeniyi? Ha, can’t you answer your name’? Screamed Tolu her one and only friend. Obviously, she didn’t even know when she invited her into her flat. The news of her pregnancy was still making her head hurt. She apologized and gently told her she has something to tell her and this got a crease on jane’s forehead. Urging her to take a seat at her living room, Jane blurted out her worries to her.

”Am pregnant!!! and I don’t know what to do at this moment about it, I don’t need your pity but I just can’t hide the news from you either”.

Tolu has always being a blunt person and that is one of the reasons Jane love her so much. She was getting ready to be lashed by her when she calmly told me she was sorry but went further to ask who was responsible. She felt so ashamed to reply her, instead was just looking at her with an aloof attitude.

“Jane, am talking to you, who is responsible”? She couldn’t bring herself to answer her, she just started crying.

Three Months Ago

Seriously Tolu I really don’t feel like hanging out in a club this night, I just wanna sleep the Friday night out and wake up to a brand new Saturday”.

“Which kain talk be that, answered Tolu, abeg no give me that kain yarn, just put on something nice and sexy and let’s hit the new club in town”. Is your birthday girlfriend, we need to party real hard”.

Tolu is one friend that can’t really take no for an answer easily and Jane really don’t have the strength to argue with her other than to do her bidding. They quickly got dressed and got into her car and drove off to the new club in town as she claimed. She wasn’t aware of the surprise birthday bash organized for her by Tolu and some of her friends, just felt it was gonna be normal hang out.

Getting into the club, she found herself in front of her friends, some colleagues, and acquaintance and her ears almost got deafened through the shout of surprise, that vibrated in the hall. Wow, she was so moved by the kind gesture and the sacrifice they made just to make her 30th birthday a mind blowing one. There were those she didn’t know, but also had to share a hug with them but she noticed a particular guy that kept staring at her with eyes that make you think of just being with him. She thought of approaching him but got distracted by Miriam, her colleague and that made her forget about him.


To be continued..


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All I See Is Hypocrisy….

I saw the above photo recently online and it really got me laughing because am definitely not surprise at this. Women in power have always been selfish in their dealings and wanting their fellow women to think they have their support when they don’t. Claiming to be the voice for the voiceless but only remembering the voiceless when they seek support for their personal gain.

Some women, obviously supporters for Senator Remi Tinubu in Ondo State decided among themselves that they want to gain sympathy from the women folk so all women can come out and question Senator Dino Melaye for his outburst. Please, Ladies, we ain’t babies and somehow we have known a little of what transpired in the senate house that unfortunate day when adults decided to behave like babies.

It is not new to hear about Senator Remi’s behavior in the senate house. She showed her colors with Obanikoro, Saraki and now Dino. Now she has seen that tolerance level is different with people. Am not saying what Dino did was right, don’t get me wrong because we all know his own story, my own essence of writing this post is to show how foolish these so called women have made their fellow women be in this country.

Kogi women ask Remi Tinubu to apologize to Dino Melaye

I also saw the photo above of Kogi women asking Senator Remi to apologize to Senator Dino and truthfully this recent case is like Nollywood movie. They obviously did this following the protest from the women right group in Ondo state who is supporting Senator Remi.

So women can actually sit down to ask for things to be done? They can actually decide that they need to protest due to what is happening in the country?

Where were they when a fellow woman was killed in Kano? Why didn’t they protest when another lady was killed recently in Abuja. Why haven’t they protested against the Fulani herdsmen killing families? Why haven’t they protested due to how children die daily due to poor health care? Why didn’t they sit down to think how to approach the government for  the failing healthcare and educational system? How to even stop child bride marriage?

They are here protesting because a man couldn’t bear the insults a woman was throwing at him and some are sitting down demanding apology…Abeg make una park well.


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My Family Reunion….Cont’d

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Is been 5 months since the date Muna had with her mom and sisters and things had really progressed positively from then. Her mom called her frequently to check up on her, her sisters pays her visit often, with them always trying to hang out twice in a month. Muna felt at peace knowing this has always been what she wanted but she still needed to guard her emotions for the sake of her kids. She was still pondering on how far they have come when her phone rang and lo and behold it was her eldest brother calling. At first, she thought of ignoring the call but later had to pick to hear him out.

Her brother, Ikenna has always been the sensible one in the family and was actually the one who told their father to allow her to marry Osahon since she was already pregnant by him. She has always thought that he would keep in touch with her after the marriage but he never did and since then, this is the first time he is calling her. When she picked, she didn’t expect the affectionate greeting and was really surprised when he said he has missed her so much. She couldn’t say anything other than to listen to what he had to say and he finally dropped the bombshell that they are planning a surprise 35th wedding anniversary for their parents and if she could be available to hang out with him and her other two brothers to catch up old times. She replied that she has to think about it and can’t give a definite answer right now, which he accepted and later asked of her work and kids, and finally hung up.

She made up her mind to attend after having a chat with Uche whom she is extremely close to. Her brothers, Ikenna, Gozim, and Nedu has been calling her frequently, hoping that she would give them a chance to hang out and clear their difference and seriously she really want to that because the weight has become too heavy for her to handle alone. She longed for a family that will always check up on her, asked how she is coping and being that her family is growing large by the day, she wants her kids to have this sense of belonging. Thus this is a sacrifice she has to make.

Her brothers all flew in from their place of residence in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Calabar to meet her in Lagos and she felt so humbled by that. The restaurant they chose was a simple but exotic one in Ikoyi and she had this sense of peace as soon as she stepped into the restaurant. She was directed by the waiter to her waiting table and as soon as she got there, all her brothers stood up to acknowledge her presence. It was so awkward standing there, and it could have continued if not for Gozim who stretched out his arms to give her a big hug. With that, Ikenna and Nedu took turns to give her a hug. They sat down and Nedu beckoned on the waiter to serve them a bottle of non-alcoholic wine pending when they will have their main dish.

Ikenna, always being the direct and outspoken one among her siblings, decided to ask her about her job, her kids and if all has been well with her, to which she responded that all has been going well with the help of God’s grace. He continued by apologizing on behalf of all her siblings that he knew they did her wrong and no excuse on that and up till now he keeps asking himself why he abandoned her when she needed him the most. She couldn’t answer him but just kept staring at her glass of wine. Gozim placed his hands on hers and told her to let bygones be bygones and she replied that she will if they can answer truthfully the essence of this togetherness.

“Is it because of the upcoming anniversary ceremony? Is it because people will wonder where their sister was or what happened to her”?

“What will happen after the ceremony? Will they go back to their wicked ways of leaving her alone or will they forge ahead and carry her along?”.

“Is their dad aware of this meeting or is a game plan to surprise him? How come their dad didn’t come with them just like her mom did with her sisters? Could it be because his heart is still hardened towards her”?

“Finally, if my hubby was still alive, would you guys have thought of this reunion”?

Those questions were so brutal as she was dishing them and it made them short of words that for some minutes they couldn’t find suitable answers for it. After waiting for them to say something and there was still silence, she picked up her bag and stood up to leave but Nedu quickly reach for her hands and pleaded with her to sit down and they will answer all her questions.

Nedu was able to pacify her and cajole her to take her seat after which he told her that their dad is here with them and he is very remorseful and that it was just a coincidence that their reunion is coinciding with the plans for their folks anniversary and that their parents ain’t aware of the celebration.

Ikenna chipped in that no amount of excuse can justify their actions but they are deeply sorry and that they wanted her to feel at home with them before asking their dad to join them and if she is okay with it, the waiter will direct him to their table. She was shocked beyond words, her father traveling all the way from the east just to meet her? She still couldn’t believe them even when she told them he can be summoned.

Her mind was just wavering, she was thinking of questions to ask her dad when she felt a touch on her shoulder, looking upwards she saw her dad, his tired eyes that looked like it has been shedding tears. He almost wanted to kneel down but had to stop him from doing such. Her father cried openly and she just couldn’t hold back the tears, she cried alongside with him as his big arms enclosed her in a tight embrace. He kept apologizing and she just couldn’t keep being mad at him. No matter what has happened, this was her dad, her proud dad crying and seeking for forgiveness. Obviously, he had come to terms with the fact that he did her wrong and if he is ready to take that step, she has to take hers as well.

The next four months was the most blissful months she has ever had. Her folks came to spend 3weeks with her and her kids. She remembered the first day she brought them home and the joy they felt when her kids called them grandma and grandpa which brought tears to their eyes. She has been at peace with all of them. Her siblings and their respective families have tried to correct their wrongs and include her in family plans which have been nothing but exciting. Plans for the anniversary ceremony was in full swing and yet her folks still ain’t aware of the party. The plan was to have a big reception in their family home after a special thanksgiving service.

The d-day finally came and the joy and happiness radiating from the face of their parents were so priceless. It was a thing of joy to see all their children and grandchildren celebrating the thanksgiving with them, unknown to them that there is a big party afterward as opposed to the small get together they wanted.

The ceremony went well, guests were treated to varieties of foods and wines and there was enough to go around. After the party, they had a family meeting, which was the first Muna was attending after their reconciliation and their father admonished all to be there for one another and to easily forgive no matter how grievous the offense is. He once again apologized to Muna and told her even though he wasn’t there physically with her, he never forgot about his responsibility to her and that he is glad that their differences were settled. He also made her aware that he visited her hubby when he was sick and asked for his forgiveness and he forgave him and admonished him to do all he can to make peace with her. She was so shocked because her hubby didn’t tell that but she remembered her hubby on his dying bed told her to make peace with her family when the time is right. That brought fresh tears to her eyes, she really wondered why her family never took the time to know the kind of man she married.

At the end, she was glad she was able to fulfill one of her Hubby’s request and also has gotten the family she has always loved and wanted. The future looks so bright and positive as they all retired for the night.


The End!!!!!


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My Family Reunion…..

The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step, reasoned Muna as she tries to comprehend how she would face her family after closing all relations with them since the death of her husband whom she lost to the dreaded cancer disease. She has never been herself ever since that black cloud of death found a way into her once happy home, 3 years ago.

Her family whom she thought will be there for her abandoned her, all because they never wanted her to marry Osahon, the man she loves so much. The man that wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, the only man that can buy the world for her if is possible and her folks couldn’t look beyond their tribalistic way, to accept him, rather they cut all ties with her, refused to share in her joys and pains as a married woman and now they want closure.

She still can’t forget what her elder sister, Lisa told her when she learned of the death of Osahon, still wondering how can her own sister tell her while she is still mourning not to mourn for long and after all they never wanted him. How can a fellow woman like her reason so callously? Thinking about all those almost made her changed her mind of having lunch with her mom and sisters but remembering the plea of her younger sister, Uche who still keep in touch gave her motivation and besides her late hubby would have wanted her to go.


I just hope Muna will honor our invitation, asked Chinwe as she gets herself busy in their family kitchen with her sisters Uche and Lisa. Uche had to reassure them that hopefully, Muna will come but she has already given her own condition and that is meeting in an open restaurant and not the family house which Lisa isn’t happy with as she quickly chipped in that she sees no reason why she would want that.

That got Chinwe angry as she angrily shouted at Lisa,

‘I don’t care what you think, she has a right to meet at a neutral ground after abandoning her for so long and the fact that she was able to accept our invitation should be an opening we should be grateful for’.

That outburst came as a shock to Lisa as she is the oldest among all three ladies and never expected her younger sibling to talk to her like that, but she had to agree that Chinwe is right in this one and she just has to swallow her pride.

‘What is going on here? Why is Chinwe screaming’, their mom asked as she entered the kitchen, and Uche responded by saying, all was well, that they were just coming into agreement about Muna’s meeting with them at a restaurant.

Lisa expected her mom to decline but was surprised to see the sober expression on her mom’s face indicating she doesn’t really care where she gets to meet Muna as all she wants is to ask Muna for forgiveness.

Still expecting the nanny she had hired to look after her twin boys, Muna decided to have a quality time with God in her bedroom. She had developed a strong relationship with Him during her husband’s battle with cancer, she had wanted peace and someone to tell her all will be fine with her but there was no one around to walk the road with her as her hubby’s folks were late and he was the only child. No other option was there for her than to seek for spiritual solace and ever since then, she doesn’t make any major decision without first seeking God’s wisdom and this day was no exception because there was the voice in her head trying to remind her of the Ill-treatment meted on her by her family while a still voice telling her all will be well.

Are you still going for the lunch date with your daughters? Asked Muna’s dad to his wife of 34 years who gave him 3beautiful daughters and 3 handsome sons. He has always loved her and still do even though they are both in their late 70s. He always knows when she has a lot on her mind and right now he knows something is seriously eating her up. Pressing further resulted to his wife crying that she failed their daughter, that she can’t believe she is tensed just thinking of how she will face Muna again and that got her dad so sad because he also knew deep down he had failed his daughter, abandoned her when she needed him.

Muna has always been his favorite daughter even though she could be stubborn sometimes and always trying to have her way which he does let her but in the case of her marriage to her late husband Osahon, he just couldn’t come to terms with it and even when he kicked against it, she refused and instead got herself pregnant by him which to him was an act of rebellion. Out of anger, he had to cut all ties with her and mandated everyone to do so but seriously he was surprised that they didn’t counter his decisions and even in her Hubby’s death and final passing, they still weren’t there for her. How can he face his daughter again, how can he ask for her forgiveness? He clearly understands what his wife is passing through right now.


“So mummy when are you coming back home”? Asked Muna’s son Riley who is a splitting image of his dad. He always has a way of making her miss his dad the more.

“Am gonna be back soon my love, just make sure you take care of your brother Ryan and be good to aunty Rose”.

It always feels lonely not being with her kids but she has to make good use of the fact that her trusted nanny is around to help her look after her kids while she honors the lunch date she has with her family. Hoping for a good day, Muna got into the car and drove off.

Muna got to the exclusive restaurant they agreed to meet and was greatly impressed by the architectural design, being a sought after architect among corporate organizations, she always appreciates good design when she comes across one and this was certainly one to appreciate. She got to the reception and was about to confirm her reservation when she saw her sister walking down to her with a happy face, she couldn’t do anything other than to have a tight hug with her because at that moment words alone wasn’t enough. Uche has always gotten her back and from her hug, she was sending a message that she is with her in this one.They walked hand in hand to their table with Muna already sweating in her palms and wondering if she is doing the right thing.

Her mom was the first to sight her and she quickly stood up to acknowledge her presence, which led to Chinwe opening her arms for a hug which Muna accepted with indifference. They all did the usual greetings and all sat down, it was already getting awkward just sitting down with no one saying anything as they were waiting for the first to say something. Uche broke the silence when she asked of her kids which she replied that she left them with their nanny. Her mom chipped in and asked why she didn’t bring them along and that got a cold stare from Muna who told her she didn’t feel like imposing them on a family that never acknowledged them, visited them or even buy them a gift.

All the pent up anger was already trying to burst out from her but Uche quietly placed her hand on hers and this led her to calm her nerves. Her mom continued that she knew they hurt her but she should find it in her heart to forgive and forget about the past. Lisa chipped in that they did what was best for the family and she carrying it negatively is so wrong of her, that no matter what she tried to do, she is part of the family and there is nothing she can do about it. This apparently didn’t sit well with Chinwe as she kept shifting in her seat. Noticing that Chinwe wasn’t comfortable, their mom asked her if she has anything to say and Chinwe said yes. She looked directly to Muna and apologized to her, and made her aware that she understood whatever she is feeling right now and probably she would have done worst if she was to be in her shoes but two wrongs can’t make a right and let her forgive.

Muna has had enough and she cut her short. She asked them looking at them one after the other, what is there to forgive?

What did they do to her that she has to forgive them for? Why do they feel she can just snap her fingers and forget the hurt, pain, and disappointment. Where were they when she needed them?

Looking at her mom she asked her, what wrong did she do that she couldn’t visit her when she gave birth to her kids, and up till now her she doesn’t even know how they look like.

She let them know that apart from Uche, none has ever asked her how she is faring. Her hubby was sick and none showed concern even after informing each of them, and even in death no one was there to give her strength.

And to you Lisa, “why do you dislike me so much that even till now you are still the same, you opened your mouth to tell me good riddance as my husband is dead, that after all, no one in the family wanted him”. That got a shock from everyone, with Chinwe screaming how could you lisa and Uche crying.

Muna kept on asking Lisa, how will you feel if I said that to you in your grief? I expected as a first daughter, you will try to be there for me even if my mom fails at her duty, but to my greatest surprise, Uche who is the last daughter is carrying out your responsibility.

During my time of grief and mourning, I expected my family to forget the past and help me forge ahead but they left me on my own, and now you expect me to just forget everything over a lunch date? If not for God and this is what my late hubby would have wanted and also the love and affection Uche has shown I and my kids, I wouldn’t have honored this invitation, because I have come to realise that my kids have only me in this entire world as it is us against my family and the world.

Her mom couldn’t contain her emotions anymore as she started crying, Lisa also started crying which surprised everyone. Chinwe knelt down and asked Muna repeatedly to forgive her mom even if she doesn’t want to forgive she and Lisa, with that Lisa also joined in kneeling down and asked for forgiveness. That she had always known she did her wrong but her pride and always wanting to be in the good book of their father, made her rigid and unsympathetic to her.

At that point, that still voice in her told her to let go of the hurt, that she has done her part, the healing process has begun, with that , she started crying and cried for good 30minutes with them joining her in the crying, consolation and also still pleading with her to forgive.

After getting herself together, she told them calmly that Rome wasn’t built in a day and hopefully God will see them through. That statement from her made her mom smile because she knows all will be well in due time.


To be continued….


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Fun Weekend With The Girls….Cont’d


If you missed the first episode, please click HERE

I and Mercy met Anna and Christy at the reception and we decided to take a tour of the hotel’s beautiful surroundings while waiting for Joy. Going into the restaurant, I knew I will definitely have some delicious and mouth watering dishes. I was already in love with the hotel and looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Joy finally came and we made our reservations for the weekend and requested for 5 single rooms on the same floor and close to each other.

We were shown to our rooms and after having a quick shower, I decided to relax with the novel I brought, my intercom buzz and it was Mercy telling me of the Friday chilling and is at the hotel’s bar. Told her will be there in 20mins. Initially, I thought it was just gonna be a normal hotel bar setting but to my surprise, it was more or less like a lounge and the setting and ambiance was so cool. Anna saw me first so she signaled to me and they all did their oohs and ahhs, complimenting my outfit which I felt was just a simple one, but then I knew my curves gave it more justice. I actually got some stares from the other guests but I wasn’t really in the mood to feel special, rather just to catch up old times.

There was enough laughter, tears and of course a big hug and I was so happy to hear Anna was engaged, funny how I never knew her relationship with Samuel had gotten to that stage. I had to ask for her forgiveness for not having been there, and she quickly told me she understood. Joy has always been the blunt one among us and she was the one brave enough to ask me the big question of why I turned into a recluse. I was shocked because I actually don’t have an answer to that except maybe there was really no other way since am single and she said or maybe you felt like you failed at something. That got me because that was actually my greatest fear that I failed in my relationship and in trying to defend myself, I didn’t know when the tears rolled down my cheeks and before I could even get my acts together, they all had their hands around me and I saw myself crying for more than 20mins. They kept assuring me they understand, trying to let me know am still the beautiful lady in and out that they have always known. Of course, I will say I am beautiful, have always had guys around me seeking for a relationship but I always turn them down. With my height, curves and smile always on my face even when am sad deep inside, I do get compliments where ever I go but that had never taken the pain I have had in my heart for long. I really felt so good, light and relieved as it seems a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulder and the next couple of minutes saw us laughing, cracking jokes and of course hitting the dance floor. We were just 5 crazy girls enjoying ourselves and being happy for our achievements in life and grateful that we have been able to come together like this after such a long time. We retired for the night at 2am and I immediately slept off as soon as got my ass on the bed cos I was so tired.

Woke up due to the ringing from the intercom, it was obviously Mercy and wanted to know if I was up as we were booked for a workout at the gym followed by a pampering session at the spa. That really got me fully awake and I quickly had my bath and got into a workout outfit.

It was refreshing seeing my girls that mid-day, we had smiles on our faces, obviously recollecting the past night in our subconscious. We got into the business of lifting weights and pumping irons, we worked out the stress out of our system and engaged in the dancing exercise session. Gosh, it was so awesome, couldn’t believe we spent 3hours In the gym but it was really worth it at the end. Off we later went to the spa, the ambiance of the spa was welcoming and the hotel sure spent a lot investing in it. We were treated to a full body massage, sauna and of course manicure and pedicure.

I thought that would be the last activity for the day, but I was wrong as Mercy had other plans up her sleeves, told us to dressed casually as we will be meeting other mutual friends of ours at silverbird galleria for a late night movie. I didn’t know if I should decline at first because I really don’t fancy driving at night and also is been awhile I stayed later than 8pm outside for any reason at all and that really got me sceptical but Anna quickly assured me that we will be using the hotel cab service which sounded fine to me, and with that information, we all went to our various rooms to get ready for the movie date.

The movie date went well, met people I haven’t seen for awhile as I haven’t been in their company for a long time and at first I thought I will feel awkward as some of the guys were those that knew about my break up with my ex but I didn’t mind, I came to have fun and I sure will. And yes I had mad fun, the movie was interesting and the hanging out afterward at a nearby lounge was, even more, fun. Some of the guys were trying to get close to me but I just don’t want that sort of friendship, neither do I want to give anyone any unmistakable green light. This was just a weekend and I wanted it to remain so.

We got to the hotel at exactly 3am, I quickly dash into my room, had a hot bath, ordered a glass of freshly squeezed juice and while waiting for my juice, I decided to take the time to meditate for awhile as I wasn’t feeling sleepy. My juice came and it kinda got me into the mood to sleep and I sure slept for hours because I woke up 12pm. I got ready to check out when I got a knock on my door, and it was my girls, they were already set to check out also and from their facial expressions they sure had a swell weekend just like me. We sat down and Anna began by telling me never to think that they can’t always be with me and that we have being friends since university days and we will continue to be friends. Joy added she noticed I was been reserved with the guys and understood that I want to keep my distance, however, I should have an open mind from now on and just be me.

I really felt loved that they came out just to make me feel good when they could have hung out with their fiancé and boyfriends. It was indeed a fun-filled weekend.

The End!!!!!


Photo Credit: Google