Fun Weekend With The Girls….Cont’d


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I and Mercy met Anna and Christy at the reception and we decided to take a tour of the hotel’s beautiful surroundings while waiting for Joy. Going into the restaurant, I knew I will definitely have some delicious and mouth watering dishes. I was already in love with the hotel and looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Joy finally came and we made our reservations for the weekend and requested for 5 single rooms on the same floor and close to each other.

We were shown to our rooms and after having a quick shower, I decided to relax with the novel I brought, my intercom buzz and it was Mercy telling me of the Friday chilling and is at the hotel’s bar. Told her will be there in 20mins. Initially, I thought it was just gonna be a normal hotel bar setting but to my surprise, it was more or less like a lounge and the setting and ambiance was so cool. Anna saw me first so she signaled to me and they all did their oohs and ahhs, complimenting my outfit which I felt was just a simple one, but then I knew my curves gave it more justice. I actually got some stares from the other guests but I wasn’t really in the mood to feel special, rather just to catch up old times.

There was enough laughter, tears and of course a big hug and I was so happy to hear Anna was engaged, funny how I never knew her relationship with Samuel had gotten to that stage. I had to ask for her forgiveness for not having been there, and she quickly told me she understood. Joy has always been the blunt one among us and she was the one brave enough to ask me the big question of why I turned into a recluse. I was shocked because I actually don’t have an answer to that except maybe there was really no other way since am single and she said or maybe you felt like you failed at something. That got me because that was actually my greatest fear that I failed in my relationship and in trying to defend myself, I didn’t know when the tears rolled down my cheeks and before I could even get my acts together, they all had their hands around me and I saw myself crying for more than 20mins. They kept assuring me they understand, trying to let me know am still the beautiful lady in and out that they have always known. Of course, I will say I am beautiful, have always had guys around me seeking for a relationship but I always turn them down. With my height, curves and smile always on my face even when am sad deep inside, I do get compliments where ever I go but that had never taken the pain I have had in my heart for long. I really felt so good, light and relieved as it seems a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulder and the next couple of minutes saw us laughing, cracking jokes and of course hitting the dance floor. We were just 5 crazy girls enjoying ourselves and being happy for our achievements in life and grateful that we have been able to come together like this after such a long time. We retired for the night at 2am and I immediately slept off as soon as got my ass on the bed cos I was so tired.

Woke up due to the ringing from the intercom, it was obviously Mercy and wanted to know if I was up as we were booked for a workout at the gym followed by a pampering session at the spa. That really got me fully awake and I quickly had my bath and got into a workout outfit.

It was refreshing seeing my girls that mid-day, we had smiles on our faces, obviously recollecting the past night in our subconscious. We got into the business of lifting weights and pumping irons, we worked out the stress out of our system and engaged in the dancing exercise session. Gosh, it was so awesome, couldn’t believe we spent 3hours In the gym but it was really worth it at the end. Off we later went to the spa, the ambiance of the spa was welcoming and the hotel sure spent a lot investing in it. We were treated to a full body massage, sauna and of course manicure and pedicure.

I thought that would be the last activity for the day, but I was wrong as Mercy had other plans up her sleeves, told us to dressed casually as we will be meeting other mutual friends of ours at silverbird galleria for a late night movie. I didn’t know if I should decline at first because I really don’t fancy driving at night and also is been awhile I stayed later than 8pm outside for any reason at all and that really got me sceptical but Anna quickly assured me that we will be using the hotel cab service which sounded fine to me, and with that information, we all went to our various rooms to get ready for the movie date.

The movie date went well, met people I haven’t seen for awhile as I haven’t been in their company for a long time and at first I thought I will feel awkward as some of the guys were those that knew about my break up with my ex but I didn’t mind, I came to have fun and I sure will. And yes I had mad fun, the movie was interesting and the hanging out afterward at a nearby lounge was, even more, fun. Some of the guys were trying to get close to me but I just don’t want that sort of friendship, neither do I want to give anyone any unmistakable green light. This was just a weekend and I wanted it to remain so.

We got to the hotel at exactly 3am, I quickly dash into my room, had a hot bath, ordered a glass of freshly squeezed juice and while waiting for my juice, I decided to take the time to meditate for awhile as I wasn’t feeling sleepy. My juice came and it kinda got me into the mood to sleep and I sure slept for hours because I woke up 12pm. I got ready to check out when I got a knock on my door, and it was my girls, they were already set to check out also and from their facial expressions they sure had a swell weekend just like me. We sat down and Anna began by telling me never to think that they can’t always be with me and that we have being friends since university days and we will continue to be friends. Joy added she noticed I was been reserved with the guys and understood that I want to keep my distance, however, I should have an open mind from now on and just be me.

I really felt loved that they came out just to make me feel good when they could have hung out with their fiancé and boyfriends. It was indeed a fun-filled weekend.

The End!!!!!


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