My Family Reunion….Cont’d

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Is been 5 months since the date Muna had with her mom and sisters and things had really progressed positively from then. Her mom called her frequently to check up on her, her sisters pays her visit often, with them always trying to hang out twice in a month. Muna felt at peace knowing this has always been what she wanted but she still needed to guard her emotions for the sake of her kids. She was still pondering on how far they have come when her phone rang and lo and behold it was her eldest brother calling. At first, she thought of ignoring the call but later had to pick to hear him out.

Her brother, Ikenna has always been the sensible one in the family and was actually the one who told their father to allow her to marry Osahon since she was already pregnant by him. She has always thought that he would keep in touch with her after the marriage but he never did and since then, this is the first time he is calling her. When she picked, she didn’t expect the affectionate greeting and was really surprised when he said he has missed her so much. She couldn’t say anything other than to listen to what he had to say and he finally dropped the bombshell that they are planning a surprise 35th wedding anniversary for their parents and if she could be available to hang out with him and her other two brothers to catch up old times. She replied that she has to think about it and can’t give a definite answer right now, which he accepted and later asked of her work and kids, and finally hung up.

She made up her mind to attend after having a chat with Uche whom she is extremely close to. Her brothers, Ikenna, Gozim, and Nedu has been calling her frequently, hoping that she would give them a chance to hang out and clear their difference and seriously she really want to that because the weight has become too heavy for her to handle alone. She longed for a family that will always check up on her, asked how she is coping and being that her family is growing large by the day, she wants her kids to have this sense of belonging. Thus this is a sacrifice she has to make.

Her brothers all flew in from their place of residence in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Calabar to meet her in Lagos and she felt so humbled by that. The restaurant they chose was a simple but exotic one in Ikoyi and she had this sense of peace as soon as she stepped into the restaurant. She was directed by the waiter to her waiting table and as soon as she got there, all her brothers stood up to acknowledge her presence. It was so awkward standing there, and it could have continued if not for Gozim who stretched out his arms to give her a big hug. With that, Ikenna and Nedu took turns to give her a hug. They sat down and Nedu beckoned on the waiter to serve them a bottle of non-alcoholic wine pending when they will have their main dish.

Ikenna, always being the direct and outspoken one among her siblings, decided to ask her about her job, her kids and if all has been well with her, to which she responded that all has been going well with the help of God’s grace. He continued by apologizing on behalf of all her siblings that he knew they did her wrong and no excuse on that and up till now he keeps asking himself why he abandoned her when she needed him the most. She couldn’t answer him but just kept staring at her glass of wine. Gozim placed his hands on hers and told her to let bygones be bygones and she replied that she will if they can answer truthfully the essence of this togetherness.

“Is it because of the upcoming anniversary ceremony? Is it because people will wonder where their sister was or what happened to her”?

“What will happen after the ceremony? Will they go back to their wicked ways of leaving her alone or will they forge ahead and carry her along?”.

“Is their dad aware of this meeting or is a game plan to surprise him? How come their dad didn’t come with them just like her mom did with her sisters? Could it be because his heart is still hardened towards her”?

“Finally, if my hubby was still alive, would you guys have thought of this reunion”?

Those questions were so brutal as she was dishing them and it made them short of words that for some minutes they couldn’t find suitable answers for it. After waiting for them to say something and there was still silence, she picked up her bag and stood up to leave but Nedu quickly reach for her hands and pleaded with her to sit down and they will answer all her questions.

Nedu was able to pacify her and cajole her to take her seat after which he told her that their dad is here with them and he is very remorseful and that it was just a coincidence that their reunion is coinciding with the plans for their folks anniversary and that their parents ain’t aware of the celebration.

Ikenna chipped in that no amount of excuse can justify their actions but they are deeply sorry and that they wanted her to feel at home with them before asking their dad to join them and if she is okay with it, the waiter will direct him to their table. She was shocked beyond words, her father traveling all the way from the east just to meet her? She still couldn’t believe them even when she told them he can be summoned.

Her mind was just wavering, she was thinking of questions to ask her dad when she felt a touch on her shoulder, looking upwards she saw her dad, his tired eyes that looked like it has been shedding tears. He almost wanted to kneel down but had to stop him from doing such. Her father cried openly and she just couldn’t hold back the tears, she cried alongside with him as his big arms enclosed her in a tight embrace. He kept apologizing and she just couldn’t keep being mad at him. No matter what has happened, this was her dad, her proud dad crying and seeking for forgiveness. Obviously, he had come to terms with the fact that he did her wrong and if he is ready to take that step, she has to take hers as well.

The next four months was the most blissful months she has ever had. Her folks came to spend 3weeks with her and her kids. She remembered the first day she brought them home and the joy they felt when her kids called them grandma and grandpa which brought tears to their eyes. She has been at peace with all of them. Her siblings and their respective families have tried to correct their wrongs and include her in family plans which have been nothing but exciting. Plans for the anniversary ceremony was in full swing and yet her folks still ain’t aware of the party. The plan was to have a big reception in their family home after a special thanksgiving service.

The d-day finally came and the joy and happiness radiating from the face of their parents were so priceless. It was a thing of joy to see all their children and grandchildren celebrating the thanksgiving with them, unknown to them that there is a big party afterward as opposed to the small get together they wanted.

The ceremony went well, guests were treated to varieties of foods and wines and there was enough to go around. After the party, they had a family meeting, which was the first Muna was attending after their reconciliation and their father admonished all to be there for one another and to easily forgive no matter how grievous the offense is. He once again apologized to Muna and told her even though he wasn’t there physically with her, he never forgot about his responsibility to her and that he is glad that their differences were settled. He also made her aware that he visited her hubby when he was sick and asked for his forgiveness and he forgave him and admonished him to do all he can to make peace with her. She was so shocked because her hubby didn’t tell that but she remembered her hubby on his dying bed told her to make peace with her family when the time is right. That brought fresh tears to her eyes, she really wondered why her family never took the time to know the kind of man she married.

At the end, she was glad she was able to fulfill one of her Hubby’s request and also has gotten the family she has always loved and wanted. The future looks so bright and positive as they all retired for the night.


The End!!!!!


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3 thoughts on “My Family Reunion….Cont’d

  1. Choice says:

    Blood is strong. Yet whether you have been wronged by your family members, friend, acquaintances etc it is always best to forgive and let go. You will be doing it for yourself not them.


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