All I See Is Hypocrisy….

I saw the above photo recently online and it really got me laughing because am definitely not surprise at this. Women in power have always been selfish in their dealings and wanting their fellow women to think they have their support when they don’t. Claiming to be the voice for the voiceless but only remembering the voiceless when they seek support for their personal gain.

Some women, obviously supporters for Senator Remi Tinubu in Ondo State decided among themselves that they want to gain sympathy from the women folk so all women can come out and question Senator Dino Melaye for his outburst. Please, Ladies, we ain’t babies and somehow we have known a little of what transpired in the senate house that unfortunate day when adults decided to behave like babies.

It is not new to hear about Senator Remi’s behavior in the senate house. She showed her colors with Obanikoro, Saraki and now Dino. Now she has seen that tolerance level is different with people. Am not saying what Dino did was right, don’t get me wrong because we all know his own story, my own essence of writing this post is to show how foolish these so called women have made their fellow women be in this country.

Kogi women ask Remi Tinubu to apologize to Dino Melaye

I also saw the photo above of Kogi women asking Senator Remi to apologize to Senator Dino and truthfully this recent case is like Nollywood movie. They obviously did this following the protest from the women right group in Ondo state who is supporting Senator Remi.

So women can actually sit down to ask for things to be done? They can actually decide that they need to protest due to what is happening in the country?

Where were they when a fellow woman was killed in Kano? Why didn’t they protest when another lady was killed recently in Abuja. Why haven’t they protested against the Fulani herdsmen killing families? Why haven’t they protested due to how children die daily due to poor health care? Why didn’t they sit down to think how to approach the government for  the failing healthcare and educational system? How to even stop child bride marriage?

They are here protesting because a man couldn’t bear the insults a woman was throwing at him and some are sitting down demanding apology…Abeg make una park well.


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2 thoughts on “All I See Is Hypocrisy….

  1. Choice says:

    Lol na una country be that nau. This is how politics works here my dear. Don’t waste your breath jare


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