We Were Meant To Be!!!!

You are pregnant!!!…hellooooo miss Jane can you hear me??? Am talking to you? So lost in her thoughts that she couldn’t really comprehend if she should answer the doctor or keep pretending she didn’t hear his outburst. Had to nod her head when he decided to touch her hands which were placed on his table in order to bring her back to reality.

Why didn’t she see the signs? she kept asking herself in her subconscious and reading her mind, the doctor went further to explain that the malaria symptoms was actually the reason she never suspected she was pregnant. Jane couldn’t really look up to his face, the face she had been admiring from the first day they met a few days ago at the hospital’s laboratory center when she came to carry out malaria test as advised by another doctor in the hospital.

The next question was like a shock to her when he asked if she was married? Married!!! What a question? She casually told him she wasn’t and not even in a relationship. This pregnancy was as a result of two stupid people that was drunk and it clearly dawned on her that the condom they used obviously got broke. Gosh, she felt like throwing up, and wanting to clear her head, she quickly excused herself from the doctor’s office and told him she will get in touch soonest.

“Jane..Jane…Jane Adeniyi? Ha, can’t you answer your name’? Screamed Tolu her one and only friend. Obviously, she didn’t even know when she invited her into her flat. The news of her pregnancy was still making her head hurt. She apologized and gently told her she has something to tell her and this got a crease on jane’s forehead. Urging her to take a seat at her living room, Jane blurted out her worries to her.

”Am pregnant!!! and I don’t know what to do at this moment about it, I don’t need your pity but I just can’t hide the news from you either”.

Tolu has always being a blunt person and that is one of the reasons Jane love her so much. She was getting ready to be lashed by her when she calmly told me she was sorry but went further to ask who was responsible. She felt so ashamed to reply her, instead was just looking at her with an aloof attitude.

“Jane, am talking to you, who is responsible”? She couldn’t bring herself to answer her, she just started crying.

Three Months Ago

Seriously Tolu I really don’t feel like hanging out in a club this night, I just wanna sleep the Friday night out and wake up to a brand new Saturday”.

“Which kain talk be that, answered Tolu, abeg no give me that kain yarn, just put on something nice and sexy and let’s hit the new club in town”. Is your birthday girlfriend, we need to party real hard”.

Tolu is one friend that can’t really take no for an answer easily and Jane really don’t have the strength to argue with her other than to do her bidding. They quickly got dressed and got into her car and drove off to the new club in town as she claimed. She wasn’t aware of the surprise birthday bash organized for her by Tolu and some of her friends, just felt it was gonna be normal hang out.

Getting into the club, she found herself in front of her friends, some colleagues, and acquaintance and her ears almost got deafened through the shout of surprise, that vibrated in the hall. Wow, she was so moved by the kind gesture and the sacrifice they made just to make her 30th birthday a mind blowing one. There were those she didn’t know, but also had to share a hug with them but she noticed a particular guy that kept staring at her with eyes that make you think of just being with him. She thought of approaching him but got distracted by Miriam, her colleague and that made her forget about him.


To be continued..


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