We Were Meant To Be…Ep 2

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Still reeling with disgust and guilt over what happened two months ago, Tunde just couldn’t get past how stupid he behaved over few bottles of beer, he usually wasn’t an alcohol person but when his cousin couldn’t leave without him for the birthday party he was invited to attend, he had to oblige him and ended up messing himself up in the process.

All he could remember after that outing was meeting a pretty damsel with an infectious personality and a sexy voice despite her being slightly drunk, whom he later understood was the celebrant. He remembered asking her for a dance with him after he noticed she danced so well. He really isn’t the type to be found in a night club, even though his friends back in Georgia always try to drag him to attend and maybe if he had always attended with them he could have known the game rules when it comes to clubbing.

It actually happened so fast, first he was dancing to a party jamz and the next it seems their bodies were moving in uniform rhythm to the music and with almost everyone on the dance floor, he found himself really close to his partner and he was so aroused that he knew the lady sensed that because she just look into his eyes and all he could see was encouragement and that led to him bending towards her 5ft:8inches frame to join his lips to hers and he was so lost in the process. The urgency in the kissing, which was so good because his partner was really good at it, made him hold her more closely. A feeling that made it seems he want her all to himself. How they left the dance hall to the restroom can’t be explained, how they remove their clothes for the mind blowing sex is still uncertain but what he kept thanking God for , was the ability to have been able to use the condom he came with.

“Hello Mike, this is Tunde, I really need us to see because there is something I need you to help me with. He could sense that Mike was already getting worried but had to tell him no issue, just want to discuss something that can’t be discussed over the phone”.

Ending the call, Tunde stared at the folder in front of him and he remembered the discussion he had with the owner of the folder. He remembered admiring her smiles and how jovial she was till he dropped the bombshell about her being pregnant. Still wondering why she would have looked so pale after hearing the news. Although he was a little bit disappointed because he was thinking of collecting her contact in order to know her more but he clearly can’t do that now as he doesn’t wanna string another person’s baggage alongside his.

Can’t believe am gonna be a single mom, reasoned Jane as she thought of how best she will explain it to her immediate boss because with time it will be difficult to hide her pregnancy and the earlier her colleagues knows about it the faster the gossip will die down. Fresh tears clouded her eyes and she was so lost in her thought that she didn’t know when someone tapped her on her shoulder. Raising her eyes to know who it was, made her come face to face with her boss and she became worried because she hadn’t even finish strategizing.

Her boss was really shocked to see her crying and stylishly beckoned her to follow him to his office which she did. Sitting her down, he poured her a glass of juice and calmly asked her what was going on. She thought of lying but decided against it and blurted out her reason for the tears. Apparently, he didn’t see that coming, because, for the next 20minutes, he didn’t utter any word. She now had to use the opportunity to tell him that she intends keeping the pregnancy and with time everyone will know about it but she is assuring him that her pregnancy won’t get in the way of her job and would appreciate if he can allow her to access the benefits of pregnant staff even though she isn’t married.

Her boss just kept looking at her and she could sense he was thinking of what to tell her but she just hoped whatever decision he will make, will be for her benefit. She was already getting restless when he later told her that the company will assist her in anyway possible and she shouldn’t feel that becoming a single parent would make them think less of her. That was a huge relief for her and she was really grateful for that comforting speech. With that, she was ready to face her family and the world.

“Good afternoon, my favorite nurse, beamed Jane as she strolled into the hospital’s waiting lounge”.
“Ah aunty Jane, welcome, how have work been and hope the malaria has finally left you”?
“Well to an extent yes but I actually want to see Dr. Lisa for a different matter”.
“Dr. Lisa didn’t come today but you can equally see Dr. Tunde, he is free for now, replied the nurse”.

Jane didn’t know how she can actually tell the nurse why she wanted to specifically see Dr. Lisa and she can’t afford to come to the hospital the following day because her team at work are behind in their workload. With no other option, she agreed to be directed to see the available doctor.

Tunde really wasn’t in the mood to attend to anyone, but when he saw the name on the folder and knowing it belong to the lady that has been disturbing his thoughts, he had to sit still and await the object of his thought in his office.

The soft knock on his door brought him back to the present and he beckoned her to come inside. Jane was clearly shocked because she didn’t expect to see the same doctor that was the deliverer of the news that changed her life forever. With her usual infectious smile, she greeted him and took her seat. She had once admired him the first time they met at the hospital’s laboratory center and even before he dropped the bombshell, she had entertain thoughts of being friends with him. Looking at him while he studied her folder, she guessed his age to be the mid-30s.

The doctor cleared his throat and began by commending the fact that her blood sugar lever was normal and likewise her blood pressure and then asked her what brings her to the hospital. He clearly didn’t want to hear something negative but you never can tell the minds of ladies.

Jane told him not to think negative as if reading his mind but rather would love to know how she will go about her antenatal classes and other things necessary for her to do pertaining her pregnancy.

It came as a relief to Tunde knowing she isn’t contemplating going for an abortion and was wondering within him why that feeling of relief. He was still wondering when she saw a photo on his table of him and his cousin Mike with his sister on her convocation recently. She tried to place Mike face, which got her to ask what relationship he has with Mike, which he replied that he is his cousin and then asked her if he knew him, which she replied yes but didn’t elaborate.


To be continued…


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