We Were Meant To Be…Ep3

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“Am really sorry we haven’t seen since the last time you called, I had to dash to Abuja for an official trip so what’s going on? Asked Mike as he settled in Tunde’s posh apartment.
“Nothing really just wanted to find out about someone I met during the birthday bash we attended recently”, replied Tunde.
“Hmm, seriously I didn’t really know half of the guests there but I knew the celebrant and we go way back, but who exactly are you asking about? And why didn’t you save yourself the stress by asking for the girl’s details, already concluding it will have to be a lady he was asking him about, which categorically is the truth.
“Well am actually talking about the celebrant, couldn’t place her face but I really want to know how you knew her and what she is like?
“You mean Kenny? Well we both have a mutual friend in common who happens to be my colleague and she usually come to my office to see my colleague so we kinda hit it off as friends even though I have always admired her from a distance but she just wouldn’t look my way so I resolved to just be her friend but she really is a decent lady, that’s all I can say. Hope no issues, though?
“Naw, not at all, I remembered her as being pretty and would have love to get to know her that’s all. Can you help me out on that?
“Well for your sake, I will try answered Mike.

Tunde kept thinking of the conversation he had with mike and was wondering why he kept thinking of the Kenny girl while still having a crush on his patient Jane. Mike has said Kenny was decent, but does a decent lady engage in one night stand? The thought of that made him feel like needing a drink and he actually felt bad trying to judge her when he clearly doesn’t know anything about her and she alone is not to blame in this situation because she was also drunk on that day like he was. He was still lost in his thoughts when his phone beeped and it was Mike telling him that Kenny is presently out of Lagos and won’t be back till 4months time and that if she returns, he will try and hook them up. To which Tunde thanked him even though he felt somehow down by the news. 4months of constant thinking till he gets to meet her face to face.

He decided to scroll up his WhatsApp contact as he searched for his sister’s contact when he noticed he had actually saved Jane’s number on his phone which he had totally forgotten about due to his search for Kenny. Her display photo was so beautiful and he actually felt the picture didn’t do justice to her beauty in person. He decided to chat her up to know how she is faring, not thinking if she would appreciate the gesture or not.

Abuja has been fun, and Jane can’t wait to go back to Lagos. She was really glad her boss decided that her team return back to Lagos to complete their project. Another stuff she can’t wait is to go to the hospital for her check-up while also using the opportunity to see her now favorite doctor who has been checking up on her via WhatsApp.

She still remembers the first day he chatted her up, she actually contemplated responding but somehow she felt no harm there and ever since then, it had become a normal thing for them to check up on each other daily. She actually intends giving him a surprise as he doesn’t know she will be in Lagos the following day. There is something about him that she really can’t place and she knows deep down, her doctor fancies her but probably her condition is putting him off at bay not wanting to get entangled, probably thinking her baby daddy is around the corner and he hasn’t been bold enough to ask her even though she wish he doesn’t ask.

“Why don’t you want me to see your beautiful face? You always turn your back towards me and you know I don’t like being anxious? She didn’t respond, neither did she turn to face him. After much pleading, she finally felt like facing him, and then he woke up. Tunde has been having this frequent dreams for months and doesn’t know why or what to make of the dream. It was so dramatic and he really doesn’t believe in dreams but this is kinda becoming symbolic about something. How can he tell people about this without them thinking maybe he has a spiritual wife.

Tunde decided to place a call to mike to ask for further information about Kenny, which he later learned has returned back to Lagos. The news was so refreshing to hear that he had to beg mike to create an avenue for him to be introduced to her.

Mike was skeptical at first, wondering why the sudden interest in Kenny after he told him about a patient he kinda likes. He had to warn him to desist from trying to play games with Kenny because she is a dear friend to him. Tunde had to assure him that he meant no harm and he wasn’t ready to let his cousin know that he actually slept with his decent Kenny at the party. Mike agreed that they will meet up Kenny at her office to take her for lunch, which he agreed to.

He was still thinking of Kenny when a tap on his door brought him back to reality, beckoning on the visitor, he discovered it was Jane, he was so excited to see her that he didn’t know when he stood up to give her a hug which was awkward to her at first but later had to allow him, which kinda felt familiar to her like she has once been in his arms before.

“Ok Jane, started Tolu, I have allowed you to brood on your own for some months now and I think is high time we find the father of your baby. You can’t keep telling me you don’t know who he is and I know very well you ain’t in any relationship. So who is the father of your baby? People will keep asking and is high time you have a ready answer available”.

This got jane so worked up because she knows Tolu is right. Even her mom has been on her neck after she delivered the news to her a month ago. How can she tell them though she wasn’t raped, but she doesn’t have an idea of who the baby’s father was?

She can’t even bring herself to tell Tolu that the pregnancy was as a result of a one-night stand with a total stranger. Oh gosh, the thought of that made her nauseous. She is already 8months pregnant and yet to find out who impregnated her not that she actually took out time to find out anyway.

“Tolu I know you have been patient enough with me and have assisted me in ways I never expected but please can you let this topic of discussion slide? In due time I will explain every detail to you but for now, I just want to concentrate on this pregnancy for now, please”.

Tolu really felt bad for her friend, she knew something wasn’t right and she can’t just place it. She had tried to calculate at what time her friend would have taken it and have come to realize that it was the month of her birthday but she knew she wasn’t pregnant before the birthday, or was she? Well, she would let the matter rest and keep on being there for her.

“Ok fair enough, I will be there when you are ready to talk, meanwhile, Mike wants us to have lunch anytime you are free this week or if weekend would be preferable for you.
“You mean Mike your colleague?
“Yes, of course, answered Tolu, or do you know any other Mike?
“Not really but why does he want to see me? Is he even aware am pregnant? Wondering if Tolu mentioned it to him.
“No he isn’t and that was why I couldn’t give him a definite answer. He has been disturbing me for the hangout for the past 2weeks.
“Really? That’s odd and I wonder why?
“Ya me too, have been wondering why he has been adamant on us hanging out. Oh, I forgot, he also mentioned he will be bringing a friend alongside.
“Hmm, this sound suspicious and am beginning to be skeptical about the hangout.


To be continued….


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