We Were Meant To Be….Final Episode

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Now, what do I wear for this hangout? Reasoned jane. She was still wondering how she was able to allow Tolu convinced her to accept the date offer, after all, she also will be there for support. There were times she wanted to suspect if Mike was the father of her baby but she always has this feeling that he isn’t . There has never been any sexual chemistry between her and Mike and couldn’t imagine sleeping with him even if she wasn’t sober. Or did he rape her? Hmm, that can’t be. She knew she wasn’t raped and a rapist wouldn’t have aroused those sexual feelings she had that night.

She was actually exhausted after the surprise baby shower her colleagues threw for her the previous day and was hoping to use the weekend to just rest and turn her room to become spacious and convenient for her and her baby. So glad she rented a one bedroom apartment as opposed the self-contain apartment her mom wanted her to go for before this condition she found herself. It was as if she knew she will be needing it.

“I actually told Tolu that they can meet us here by 3pm, so we have an hour to talk about other stuff before they arrive, mike told Tunde.

Tunde’s mind was just on Kenny, He really want to solve this riddle especially after Jane told him in confidence that she doesn’t know how she found herself in her condition and that has made him start thinking what if Kenny was pregnant because he realized after the sex romp, that the condom broke. He remembered being worried then when he regained consciousness and had to wait for 3weeks before doing all the medical tests just to know if he was safe and was so glad when the results came out negative in all categories. The big question became what if he impregnated Kenny? But he quickly pushed the thought from his mind because he felt Mike would have known if Kenny was pregnant.

He was getting anxious to see Kenny in other to satisfy his curiosity so he can discover the hidden feelings he has for Jane but he is still not sure if he would want to date a single mom even though he has no reservations towards one having a relationship with a single parent. He has dated only two ladies his entire life and was betrayed because they both cared only for his money being from a very rich family. He feels what he has for Jane is very strong and she seems to be someone he wants to have in his life and doesn’t want her present condition to stop him from getting to know her but first he needs to clear his conscience regarding Kenny.

“Jane are you alright? You look pale”, asked Tolu.
“Am fine, just overwhelmed that’s all and don’t know why”, answered Jane.
*Well if you are fine then step out from the car? Tolu replied.

Jane alighted from the car and allowed Tolu to lead the way to meet Mike. Each step taken makes her more anxious with goose bumps gradually showing on her skin. She felt like turning back but Tolu will not have it. Well, she will just as well enjoy the outing, after all, there is nothing to be afraid of.

She could see Mike raised hand signaling them to come towards his table and she noticed a guy was seated opposite him but couldn’t really place who as she hasn’t seen the face.They got to the table, Mike was already standing to acknowledge them. She greeted Tolu and when he turned his attention towards Jane, he couldn’t hide his shocked expression and that was when she actually heard her name being called by his friend. she looked to his friend and discovered that it was her personal doctor.

Under a flash, she knew her doctor was her baby daddy. She suddenly felt weak and just went limp.

Gosh, why do my head hurts, Jane was thinking within herself, where could she be? Why is she hearing people calling her name? She could hear someone calling Jane and was also able to place Mike’s voice calling Kenny. Who could be the other voice calling her Jane? That person must know her very well because few people know her by Jane while acquaintances and colleagues at work know her as Kenny.

She was still thinking why can’t she open her eyes, until she felt a touch on her forehead, and with that was able to open her eyes. Asking where she was, Tolu quickly rushed to her side that she is in the hospital but not her usual hospital and she actually got them worried. Jane asked after Mike and his friend, to which Tolu replied that Mike went to get her something to eat and his friend is actually his cousin who is a doctor.

Tolu thought of asking her why she fainted but decided against it. Apparently, there is something between her friend and Mike’s cousin that only they both know about and she hates jumping to conclusions, so she will rather wait for Jane to clear things up.

Jane was still sleeping when Tunde checked up on her, Mike had to leave due to a family emergency and Tolu had refused to leave Jane’s side but Tunde had to let her know he can stay with her while she gets to Jane’s house to get change of clothes for her since she will be spending the night at the hospital.

Now that he is alone with jane, he really needs answers. Tolu has said Jane’s other name is Kenny but ever since she lost her twin brother Taiwo, she seldom uses it and prefers being called Jane. He knows without any doubts that he is the father of her unborn child and won’t leave her now that he knows. How will he face her if she wakes up even though he knows is inevitable?

She had slept back after talking briefly with Tolu and now waking up, without Tolu around almost got her worried till she turned and saw Tunde on the only chair in the room, napping. she thought of waking him but decided against it, but seems he knew she was awake because he opened his eyes immediately. He greeted her and asked how she was faring and went about to tell her that all was well with her.

She knew there were questions both of them needed answers to and the earlier they get to it the better for both of them. Tunde bluntly told her he knew who the father of her baby was, that assumption was a shocker to her because she felt he may not know but him telling her bluntly means he has been able to put everything together.

Jane couldn’t say anything other than to nod her head, before she could even say anything, Tunde was by her bedside assuring her they will get through it together and that he had always known he needed to see her after the party but when he met her again at the hospital, he didn’t recognise her to be who he met at the party because he was slightly drunk and he instantly felt a connection with her but felt he needed to meet Kenny to apologised on what transpired between them in the party so he can concentrate on dating her. That got her shocked.

Jane started crying and wondering if he said something wrong quickly apologized but she cut him short and told him she was crying because she never knew she will find the father of her baby and didn’t even have plans of imposing herself on him even if she finally meets him. She went further to ask why he feels the pregnancy was his which he had to tell her his instincts did and besides he already had the mind of courting her when he didn’t know the same Jane was actually Kenny.

Tolu got into the room and was surprised to see Mike’s cousin sitting on Jane’s bed with Jane’s head resting on his shoulder. Jane quickly did the introduction that Tunde was actually her personal doctor she told her she liked. Tolu felt there was more to the story but knew in due time, she will get the full gist but for now, they need to get Jane out of the hospital.

“He is indeed a faithful God, who would have believed your doctor is actually your baby’s father? Asked a perplexed Tolu after Jane gave her all the details she has been dying to hear.
“Ya and am so glad about the way things turned out and especially how things are going. Who would have thought that it will turn out this way?

Things have been moving fine between Tunde and Jane with Tunde being over protective of Jane and making sure all is well with her. He was glad she finally accepted moving into his house now that she is in her 9th month. His plans were for them to use the opportunity to bond perfectly well before their baby comes to the world and he sure was going to spoil their baby boy silly. He never believed that he is finally happy coming to Nigeria to get himself back after his ex-girlfriend betrayed him. His plan has always been to stay in the country for 2years before going back to continue his practice as a gynecologist in Georgia, and now with Jane and his son in the picture he needs them together as a family and that is his plans for now.

His folks have been very curious about his new developments and can’t wait to finally meet Jane even though Jane had been worried that they may find it awkward that the first time they are meeting her will be when she is almost due to give birth. However, his folks are very understanding and are flying down to Nigeria just to be there for the delivery likewise the baby’s dedication.

5 Months Later

Looking at his son always gives him joy that that knows no bounds, it has been fun all the way learning all it takes to be a father. Could still remember how happy he was when Jane accepted his proposal. People felt it was too sudden to take this step but he knows without any doubts that he had found his missing rib and he is usually not one to listen to what people has to say.

He is so ready to walk the road with Jane and believing God to guide them through it all.
“Why are you still staring at your son?”asked Jane
“Well can’t get enough of seeing my beautiful son who took his beauty from his mom”. Mike walked to meet her with smile on his face and cupped her face for a mind blowing kiss. He muttered thanks to her which got her asking why the thanks? which he replied was for coming into his life and making him the happiest person on earth.

That got her teary eyed because to her, she is the one that should be thankful for his maturity about how things played out, able to love her and respect her irrespective of how they met as some other guys may have seen her as a loose woman who engages in one night stand but he looked beyond that to know exactly the kind of woman she really was.

With no further words between them, they retired for the night, hoping for a bright and promising future.


The End!!!!!


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