It doesn’t pay to jump to conclusions


I and a particular friend drifted apart in 2016, and I do remember, trying to reach out to her but she brushed me off.
It really got me worried and all efforts to get to know what happened met a brick wall. At that moment, I kept wondering what I did wrong and couldn’t place why the ill-treatment, but had to respect her decisions and moved on.

This past week, she reached out to me on Facebook and I was pretty surprised and we tried to catch up old times via Facebook chats. Somehow she brought up the discussion that she didn’t want to have with me 2years ago. Her attitude towards me then was just as a result of a misunderstanding, which we cleared.

I was amazed, that all this time when I was wondering what I did wrong, it turned out I didn’t do anything. I thought I was the one with the problem, but it turns out that she was the problem.

She misunderstood a situation and capitalized on it. I was disappointed in her and at the same time relieved that I really didn’t sabotage our friendship, she did.

It’s all in the past, which is the most important thing but I really can’t be close buddies with her anymore, because she showed that she easily jumps into conclusion, without trying to understand people.

Honestly, it pays to get all facts right rather than jumping to conclusions.



Silver Lining..Final Episode


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Four Months Later

‘Hello, Nkay, good to see you in church? Thought you would be in Abuja like you planned’? Asked Nat when she ran into Nkay in the church they both worship.

‘Ya, you are right, but something came up at the chambers that would require my undivided attention, so the Abuja trip is postponed. Last month was really a memorable month for me, said Nkechi with her face glowing’.

‘Really!!! Why do you say so’? Asked Nathalie,’ Well can’t believe my favorite brother married my friend. Am not the type that feels comfortable with such but with Emeka and Mikayla, it was clearly different. No one is as happy as me’. Replied Nkaechi.

‘This was purely fate and destiny in action. Couldn’t believe it when I heard it was a staff of my dad that caused the death of Mikey’s princess. My brother was so worried thinking Mikey wouldn’t give him a chance after that, but she made him realize that only God knows why some things were meant to happen and by God’s grace, they will have their own kids that will be brought to the world with love and happiness’.

‘My dear, I understand, am really so happy for Mikey my friend. For once, I am confident she is with a better person, someone who loves her so much the way she loves him. I bless the day they connected honestly. I even called her last night and she told me she is enjoying Paris to the fullest, that her honeymoon is fabulous’.


“Doctor how is my son doing”? Seun asked the doctor who kept looking at the file in front of him. He just can’t seem to understand what is going on, his son was involved in a motorcycle accident and presently in bad shape. He had to rush back from the meeting he was scheduled to attend in Asaba when he got the news from his mother. His wife hasn’t been herself and he was getting worried with this annoying suspense.

‘Well, Mr. and Mrs. Oyewo, your son has lost so much blood and we will need a blood transfusion. His twin sister is his perfect match but considering her age is not advisable.
‘But doctor, you can take mine, am his mother, please do something very fast’.
Well am sorry Mrs. Oyewo, with the recent surgery we had on you, it will be a risk we can’t afford. Replied the doctor.
“Ahh mogbe”…..screamed Seun’s wife
‘Okay, what about me? Can I donate mine’? Asked Seun.
‘Well, we have to do screening on your blood if you are compatible and healthy enough for the transfusion and if it doesn’t match then we may have to buy blood’. The doctor replied.
‘Ok, that’s fine, let’s hurry’. Seun answered.


Ah, is nemesis catching up on me, Seun thought within himself. How could he have been so stupid and fell for Bisi’s lies and his mother’s manipulative scheme?
He never knew that after the accident he had, he became impotent and all along, his mum and his wife Bisi knew and didn’t tell him. What still baffles him is that, his mother connives with Bisi to hook him up with the pregnancy she already had for her ex-boyfriend who died and left her pregnant.
All because of hatred for Mikayla, his mom was ready to sacrifice her own son’s happiness and he foolishly fell for her game plan.

‘Oko mi, ema binu, there were so many times I tried to tell you the truth, but I couldn’t because your mom kept blackmailing me. I will understand if you throw us out but from the very first day you held the twins, I saw you as their father’.

‘Bisi, right now, I want to be left alone, because I don’t have words for you anymore. If I will continue to see them as my kids, then you have to draw up a legal agreement stating categorically that I am the father of the kids’.

‘Ahhh, no problem about it, if that is all you want, I will do it’.’Where is my mother? Seun asked his wife.
‘She is at her house, I think you should go and see them, if not for anything, your father’.

Seun knew it was a good idea and did just that. He met his dad shouting at the mom, and when he saw him, implored him to sit down so he can talk to him. Seun had to obey but he sure won’t change his mind of wanting them moving to the village or far from his home.
‘My son, I know you are angry and you have every right to. I feel so ashamed that your mom would treat you this way. We wanted the best for you that was why we wanted a second wife for you but sincerely I never knew Bisi was already pregnant when you married her. Your mother selfishness got the better of her this time around but I want you to forgive her because she is still your mother. We will leave your house first thing tomorrow morning for the village because I don’t want anyone to come between you and Bisi because irrespective of what she did, she is a good woman and she has never treated us like we ain’t the actual grandparents of the kids’.

‘Hmm, thank you, Baba, am sorry it had to be like this but I really need to work on the broken bridges. Glad you understand that I need space from you people. Can’t believe mama can hurt me this way. Ahh is painful but have already forgiven her’.


‘Seun Guess what? Tunde said as he walked towards Dayo and Seun who were already seated at their normal hangout.
‘Hmm, what am I suppose to be guessing about? Just spill the beans
Mikayla is married!!!
What? Asked Seun and Dapo simultaneously.
Ya, you guys heard me right and you know what? She is married into the wealthy Obi’s family. She is married to the second son of Chief Obi and he is the MD of their oil servicing company that is in Abuja.
Wow, you don’t say? Asked Seun who felt so downcast after hearing the news. But how did you hear about it?
My niece works in Chief Obi’s daughter’s company. She owns a Law firm that is well known here in Lagos. Think is called Strategic Law Firm.
‘Are you serious!!! That is the law firm that represented Mikayla in the divorce. Could it be the family sponsored the whole divorce proceeding? Asked Seun.

‘No, I don’t think so, Mikayla implored their service for the divorce, but after the case, became a good friend to the MD of the law firm who happens to be Chief Obi’s daughter, and the daughter, in turn, introduced Mikey to her brother. Replied Tunde
The wedding was the talk of the town. That was why there was serious traffic on the island two weeks ago. I didn’t even know till my wife told me about it yesterday when she saw some of their wedding photos online. You can check it out later if you want.
Seun I won’t lie to you, you lost a rare gem. Mikayla didn’t marry because the guy happens to be rich because I learned she has a successful catering business well patronized. Tunde said.

‘Well, Seun I don’t think you should dwell on what you have lost but what you have presently. You have a wife who loves you and two beautiful kids, Dapo said. I am glad you headed my advice of moving your folks far from you so your mom doesn’t continue with her manipulations.
Thanks guys, is good to have you guys as friends. I remembered when you both tried to warn me about cheating on Mikayla but I wouldn’t listen. I allowed my mom to manipulate me but I share part of the blame for allowing her to succeed. I wish Mikey the best in her business and marriage and I hope whenever we run into each other we can be civil to one another.


Eleven Months Later

Mikey couldn’t take her eyes away  from the twin cots where her twin babies lay sleeping peacefully. She didn’t even know when her tears rolled down her cheeks. She really has a lot to thank God for, her mum who has been her backbone, Nat and Nkay who have proven themselves in different areas, all there to motivate her when she was in the dark room, her wonderful hubby, the love of her life, who God brought to wipe the tears from her eyes.
Thanks to Princess who orchestrated everything, for if not for her demise, she would have still been in the dark corner waiting for the bright cloud.
Truly in all things, she gives thanks to Almighty God. She wiped her tears and left to join her hubby in the living room.

The End!!!!


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Silver Lining….Ep 6

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One year Later

Someone is really looking sexy, Mikayla’s mum said as she walked up to her daughter to admire her in her beautiful red gown that did justice to her hour glass figure.

Hmm mummy you are trying to make an old lady blush”, replied Mikayla to her mum.

‘Blush indeed! Am really happy how you have risen above all the challenges you encountered, you are the true daughter of your father, and am very sure he would have been proud of how far you have achieved under two years’. Her mum said with tears in glistening her eyes.

‘Anyway I don’t want you to be late for the dinner you have with Emeka. That young man is really a matured fellow and I thank God for bringing him to your life’.

‘Have to confessed that the first time I accepted to date him after one month of pestering on his part, I was always expecting him to change and be like Seun, but I realize is not fair to compare him to my ex husband because in all ramifications, Seun doesn’t measure up to Emeka and with that realization I made up mind to enjoy being with him and lets see what the future have for both of us’.

‘So if he asked you to marry him, will you?’ Mikayla’s mum asked and praying within herself that her daughter gives a positive answer because she always wonder if she has given up on marriage.

‘Yea sure I will but that will come if he wants it’. Replied Mikayla.


‘Are you okay? You seemed to be far away ?asked Mikey to Emeka whom she has been dating for a year’.

‘Am okay love, just wondering why my PA hasn’t sent the mail I asked her to’, replied Emeka who couldn’t help to conceal the worried look on his face.

He thought he had it all planned, has been planning the perfect proposal from the day Mikayla agreed to have him as more than a friend. He had always known she is right for him and can’t wait to have her as his wife but first he need to be able to carry out this proposal mission without sending out a signal.

His sister, Nkechi , his mum and Mikayla’s mum and Mikayla’s friend Nathalie has assured him everything was under control but why are they 5mins behind time? He thought of using the rest room but that would make it the sixth time he is excusing himself for that and that might make Mikayla suspicious.

Still in his thought, he didn’t noticed when the artiste he had called to serenade Mikayla with songs, stepped in and was singing their favorite love song.

‘Wow, honey, That is our song’, Mikayla said with smile and Emeka knew the time has come for the moment he has been waiting for. They were the only one in the private lounge, as he had already booked the place in advance. He asked for a dance from Mikayla and she gladly accepted because she was dying to be in his arms.

They walked to the center of the lounge, dancing to the cool blues, and Emeka started letting her know how incomplete his life was till she came into the picture, how she had made life more beautiful and having her always keeps him going and promised never to hurt her or make her cry. It wasn’t unusual for Emeka to say all he was saying because he always let her know how special she was to him. She replied by letting him know he had made her to believe in love again after what she went through and thanked him for being patient with her and able to break down the walls she erected around her heart.

She was so lost in what she was saying with her eyes closed, that she didn’t notice when Emeka got down on one knee holding an opened jewelry box that has a beautiful diamond ring. She came to reality when the music stopped and wondering why, had to open her eyes only to behold the love of her life on a bended knee, smiling sheepishly, she couldn’t hear what he was saying and just kept muttering yes!yes!!,yes!!!.

The next sounds she heard as Emeka slipped the ring onto her finger, was screams of congratulations. She looked around and saw people that has made her life meaningful the past 2 years, Her mom, Nathalie, Nkechi and Nkechi’s mom. Mikayla couldn’t hold back the tears; Emeka had to wrap his arms around her for a warm embrace and kept planting kisses on her teary face.


‘Mikey love, I have gist for you’, Nathalie said as she got into Mikayla’s house. Really, what could have made you so excited, replied Mikayla.

‘Okay, guess who i saw today’? Nathalie asked as she made herself comfortable in the sitting room.

‘Hmm you should know I’m not good at the guessing game’. Replied Mikey who wasn’t ready to play any guessing game as she was so tired from the previous day outing she had with Emeka.

‘Alright that’s fine, I actually saw Seun this morning. He obviously came to do some shopping at the mall and spotted me at the cashier point. I didn’t notice his presence till he tapped me on the shoulder’. Seriously!!! Cut in Mikayla.

‘Yes, answered Nat and it actually seemed like he regretted the action, probably expecting a cold shoulder but I rather flashed him one of my wonderful smiles and asked how he was doing and his family. You needed to see how uncomfortable he was and then he asked how you were faring and I told him you were doing great’.

That got a laugh from Mikayla because she could actually picture Nat in her element and knew she would have really made Seun felt uncomfortable.

‘Gosh Mikey, I really wondered what you saw in that guy? Obviously you were blinded by love. Seun is definitely not aging with grace, he looked liked he has so much responsibilities on his shoulder, and needs someone to pamper him’.

‘Really!!! replied Mikey, well he has his wife, his kids and of course his over bearing mother to help ease of the stress, or do you want to help him out’? Mikey asked jokingly.


‘Wow Dayo is been a long time we last saw, what has been happening to you’? Asked Seun to his friend from his University days as he met Dayo in the lounge they have agreed to meet.

‘Well have been good and you’? Replied Dayo

‘Well it hasn’t been easy with the country’s present economy problems but we are still striving’, answered Seun.

‘Have you ordered anything to drink? Seun asked while trying to get the attention of the waiters in the lounge.

‘Not at all, was going through my mail while waiting for you to come. So what’s up, why do you want to see me?

‘Hmm I really think we would need a bottle of wine while I talked about the reason for wanting to see you’.

That got Dayo really confused and worried as well, Seun had always being confident about life, but the Seun he is seeing now looks so sad and worried. He was able to asked him what was wrong, before the waiter came to take their order.

Dayo waited for the young waiter to be through before imploring Seun to explain what is really going on with him.

‘So what exactly is the problem? Because to be frank, you don’t look your cheerful self?

‘My brother, I have sunk so deep into the hole that I don’t even know how to get out. My business is fine but not so fine with the present economic challenges in the country. My major problem is my folks, how to send them back to the village or anywhere but not my house. My mum seems to have a hold on my family and I am beginning to get frustrated. My mum wants to rule my house, and my wife clearly ain’t ready for that. This has led to frequent quarrels and my mum is trying to instigate I send her away’.

‘My wife is trying to prevent what happened between I and Mikayla. And truthfully I have to say that my mum is the architect of the love lost between Mikayla and I’.

‘Hmm, I did warn you, replied Dayo. I tried to make you realize that your mum was been manipulative and too involve in your home, but you wouldn’t listen and the fact that you are just learning of your mum’s motive is baffling. Sincerely if you want to preserve your marriage and want to bring up your kids under the love of their parents then you have to send your folks far away from your matrimonial home before you develop high blood pressure.

Your wife clearly knows your mother so well and don’t want any issues in her marriage, she ain’t as peaceful as your wife and being a Yoruba woman, she knows how the Yoruba mothers reason. If you really love the mother of your kids then is a sacrifice you need to make.

‘Can’t really say I love Bisi like I loved Mikey, but we just fell out of love. What I have for Bisi isn’t love. I see us more like mutual partners that want to care for each other. Fine we were dating while I was still married and after the car accident I had when Mikey was pregnant with Princess, she took care of me alongside my mum in my family house because I couldn’t bear seeing Mikey pregnant and Mikey never knew I had the accident. Sometimes I wonder what could have really happened between I and Mikayla’.


To be continued….


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Silver Lining…Ep 5

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Seun I can’t believe you allowed the judge to rule in Mikayla’s favor? How can you agree to a settlement of 10million naira in this period of hard times? You better call the bank to put a stop to that transaction. Queried his mother.

‘Iya I can’t do it. Seun shouted at his mom on their way home from the court. Didn’t you hear all the allegations against me and wasn’t it true? Didn’t you see the witnesses that attest to the fact I mistreated Mikayla? Even the security guard of our former apartment was there. I wasn’t given enough time to prepare for the case neither was the judge ready to adjourn the case just because he felt Mikayla has suffered much and needs to let go of my wicked memories.
As am speaking to you, I have just got an alert that my account has been debited. She obviously feels I will be manipulated by you which you are clearly trying to do now.

‘If the money will clear my name and conscience fine but I doubt it will because she looked at me with so much disgust’. Seun kept lamenting to his mom. ‘You are right if looks can kill; Mikayla’s look would have sent me 6 ft under. Who could have thought she will be so bold to speak out like she did today and her mom acted like she was ready to pounce on me. Well, life goes on.

One Year Later

‘Good Afternoon, please I would like to see your boss if she is around’.
‘Yes, she is but do you have any appointment? Asked the receptionist
‘No, not really, it actually came as an impromptu visit and couldn’t reach her on the phone. Please just tell her Nkechi wants to see her’.
‘Okay just make yourself comfortable at the visitor’s section while I get across to her via the intercom’.
‘Okay thanks’, replied Nkechi as she made herself comfortable in the tastefully decorated visitor’s lounge.

Nkechi was really impressed with the office. This is the first time she was coming to Mikayla’s office after the remarkable opening four months ago. She was so proud of all her client turned friend has achieved after a year of her divorce. She has really proven that diligence and determination are all a person needs to forge ahead and make something out of an ugly situation.
She was glad she was an instrument to the joy Mikey is experiencing now. She likes her so much and there is never a dull moment hanging out with her whenever the chance arises.

‘Hello Nkay, how you doing? Mikayla greeted Nkechi as she made to greet her with a friendly hug.
‘Have been good and you? Nkay replied
‘Well same here though have had a busy schedule because am more or less booked for the month’.
‘Waow. That means business is booming’, exclaimed an excited Nkechi
‘Well, you can say again, God has indeed been faithful’. So what brings you here?
‘Well, I have a business proposal for you but this one you are booked, don’t know if I can be accommodated’.
‘Of course, you can be? Why don’t we go to my office and discuss the proposal?

They made their way to Mikayla’s office and Nkechi couldn’t hide her admiration when she saw the way her office was designed.
‘Oh my, Mikey, you did a good job in this place. I thought I had seen it all downstairs but up here in your office just blew me away.
Lol, well with the referral from you to the interior decoration company that did yours, I have to also say thank you. The decorator sure knows her job pretty well and I was so impressed when she was done with everything irrespective of the high sum. It clearly was worth it.
Well before I leave, I will like to take a detour if you don’t mind.

No problem about that, so what business proposal do you have for me?
Well, my mom’s birthday is coming up and is actually a surprise affair to an extent but just a family parole. We contacted a caterer to give us Nigerian delicacies but we want you to also cater for the party through your delicious finger licking food and likewise a mini intercontinental dish.
I got hooked on the dish you prepared for Nat’s anniversary party. So please can I be accommodated?
Like I told you earlier though we are booked, but I can’t turn you down on this. Just give me the necessary details and we will start from there and I will also like to know the particular type of intercontinental dish you want because we recently updated our menu.

My little sister, Emeka said, as he walked into his sister posh office.
How are you big brother, what brings you to my office? Inquired Nkechi.
Well, I came to know how you doing, you know we hardly see except for social media and maybe few calls. And besides the last time we saw, you were so busy at mom’s party.
Nkechi knew her brother was right. The party turned out to be big even though they tried to make it a small gathering. The food and drinks were enough for guests and Mikey did justice with her dishes.

‘Well, that is so true. I had to make sure everything went well in the party and you know I did a damn good job of it’.
‘Ya, you are right, and in fact, I came to see you as regards that. I need the contact of the caterer but not the one that catered for the main dish. The one that handled the intercontinental dish because I really enjoyed it and needs her service for something coming up’.
‘Oh really! Well, I can give you her details anyway and can assure you she is very good at her job but what exactly is coming up? Asked Nkechi.
‘Nothing serious, our strategic meeting is coming up in two months time and her dish will do the staff well after the usual brainstorming session in the meeting’.
‘Okay, let me get her complimentary card. She gave me some in case I have people interested in her services’.

Emeka decided to find about more details about Mikayla. ‘So what exactly do you know about her anyway, because I really didn’t know you guys are that close?
‘Well, you are right in saying you didn’t know because we just became friends of recent and I got to know her through Nat my friend from church. Hmm, big bros, are you sure you are inquiring about her services or you are interested in her? Replied Nkechi
That got a deep laugh from her brother whom she loves so much. Well, she seems like a nice person even though we haven’t met, but thanks for the information, though.

‘Good afternoon, I would like to meet your MD’. Emeka flashed his sexy smile that gets ladies swooning around him as he greeted the receptionist at Mikayla’s office.
‘Do you have an appointment’? Asked the receptionist.
No, I don’t but I got a referral from her very good friend who assured me that I can be attended to if I come in early, replied Emeka as he keeps smiling hoping that it would have an effect on her and it sure did as he was referred to the waiting lounge.
While at the lounge, he took his time to admire his surrounding and have to confess that Mikayla has an exotic taste. Seems everything about her is nice. Still deep in thought, he didn’t know when Mikayla stepped into the lounge to greet him.

‘Good morning sir’? When there was no response, Mikey took a step further to tap him slightly on his shoulder and that brought him back to his present surrounding.
‘Oh am so sorry, was lost in thought, Emeka said while he stood up to greet Mikey.
Is ok, I guess you got carried away by the beautiful décor, it usually has similar effects on my clients, Mikey said to ease him of his embarrassment.
‘Well, you can have your seat while you tell me how I can be of help to you’. Thank you, replied Emeka. Having tasted your delicacies at an event of recent, I wanted to know if you can cater for a mini-event coming up soon.
‘Wow, so which event will that be’? Inquired Mikey, as she tried to remember the event she catered for recently.
‘That will be for Chief Obi’s wife birthday party’. Said Emeka.
Oh that, am not sure I saw you there, although I wouldn’t have remembered you because I was extremely busy as I wanted the best for that event.
Really why? Asked Emeka. Mikayla replied by saying, ‘There are some people you meet in life that you will never know how much they will mean to you. Chief Obi’s daughter, Nkechi has really helped me in so many ways and giving my profound best in that party was something I wanted and people testifying from that event means I really did well even though I still owe her a lot.

Wow, that is interesting. Anyway, Chief Obi is my dad which makes Nkechi my kid sister. That statement got a surprised look on Mikey as she tried to search for any resemblance between Emeka and Nkay.


To be continued…


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We Were Meant To Be!!!!

You are pregnant!!!…hellooooo miss Jane can you hear me??? Am talking to you? So lost in her thoughts that she couldn’t really comprehend if she should answer the doctor or keep pretending she didn’t hear his outburst. Had to nod her head when he decided to touch her hands which were placed on his table in order to bring her back to reality.

Why didn’t she see the signs? she kept asking herself in her subconscious and reading her mind, the doctor went further to explain that the malaria symptoms was actually the reason she never suspected she was pregnant. Jane couldn’t really look up to his face, the face she had been admiring from the first day they met a few days ago at the hospital’s laboratory center when she came to carry out malaria test as advised by another doctor in the hospital.

The next question was like a shock to her when he asked if she was married? Married!!! What a question? She casually told him she wasn’t and not even in a relationship. This pregnancy was as a result of two stupid people that was drunk and it clearly dawned on her that the condom they used obviously got broke. Gosh, she felt like throwing up, and wanting to clear her head, she quickly excused herself from the doctor’s office and told him she will get in touch soonest.

“Jane..Jane…Jane Adeniyi? Ha, can’t you answer your name’? Screamed Tolu her one and only friend. Obviously, she didn’t even know when she invited her into her flat. The news of her pregnancy was still making her head hurt. She apologized and gently told her she has something to tell her and this got a crease on jane’s forehead. Urging her to take a seat at her living room, Jane blurted out her worries to her.

”Am pregnant!!! and I don’t know what to do at this moment about it, I don’t need your pity but I just can’t hide the news from you either”.

Tolu has always being a blunt person and that is one of the reasons Jane love her so much. She was getting ready to be lashed by her when she calmly told me she was sorry but went further to ask who was responsible. She felt so ashamed to reply her, instead was just looking at her with an aloof attitude.

“Jane, am talking to you, who is responsible”? She couldn’t bring herself to answer her, she just started crying.

Three Months Ago

Seriously Tolu I really don’t feel like hanging out in a club this night, I just wanna sleep the Friday night out and wake up to a brand new Saturday”.

“Which kain talk be that, answered Tolu, abeg no give me that kain yarn, just put on something nice and sexy and let’s hit the new club in town”. Is your birthday girlfriend, we need to party real hard”.

Tolu is one friend that can’t really take no for an answer easily and Jane really don’t have the strength to argue with her other than to do her bidding. They quickly got dressed and got into her car and drove off to the new club in town as she claimed. She wasn’t aware of the surprise birthday bash organized for her by Tolu and some of her friends, just felt it was gonna be normal hang out.

Getting into the club, she found herself in front of her friends, some colleagues, and acquaintance and her ears almost got deafened through the shout of surprise, that vibrated in the hall. Wow, she was so moved by the kind gesture and the sacrifice they made just to make her 30th birthday a mind blowing one. There were those she didn’t know, but also had to share a hug with them but she noticed a particular guy that kept staring at her with eyes that make you think of just being with him. She thought of approaching him but got distracted by Miriam, her colleague and that made her forget about him.


To be continued..


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Fun Weekend With The Girls……


Woke up to a glorious Friday morning, was so ready to face the day’s activities that I practically dashed out of my posh 2 bedroom apartment, got into my car and just felt so relaxed as I got into motion. It takes 45mins from my house to the office but usual island traffic makes it an hour which is till fair compared to when I was going to the office from the mainland. Can’t believe how far I have come from jumping buses while shuttling between mainland and island to having my own apartment on the island. I have to give thanks to God for the opportunity to build myself to the point of being a project supervisor in one of the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria which has given me a great platform to express myself and meet well know dignitaries in my sector.

Work was going smoothly for the day and all my colleagues were already itching to close in order to have a swell weekend but that wasn’t in my line of thoughts because I know, as usual, I will be taking some of my unfinished work home and just sit in my sitting room watching already downloaded movies on my hard drive. That has gradually become my normal routine for the past 3years and it seems am not looking forward to having it changed. I was still busy with work when my phone beeped to alert me of a message from Mercy my dear friend asking what was my plan for the weekend which I casually replied, as usual. This got her replying that she ain’t surprised as I have gradually turned to the usual Kora. The affectionate way Mercy do pronounce my name always get me smiling as she is the only one that calls me Kora while every other calls me Zikora. She continued in her normal way of advising me not to shut myself out from social activities as with time it might make me get frustrated and pleading that I change my routine and that in fact she really wants me to hang out with her and our other friends. I was really surprised at her pleas and also grateful for our friendship because she is one person that hasn’t given up on me ever since I turned into a recluse. I quickly told her, I will get back to her.

Three years ago, I was a very jovial and lively lady that knows how to balance her work and social life. Loved hanging out and meeting friends and was happy been single and wasn’t even ready to let any man sweep me off my feet. Then came Brown who persisted till I had to give him a chance, though I didn’t play the hard to get because he was introduced to me by a mutual friend who assured me of his sincerity and with careful analysis, decided to give him a chance. We dated for 2years and called it quits because I couldn’t cope with the nonchalant attitude of his, and the zeal to keep the candle burning wasn’t there anymore, I just felt used and disappointed especially when I later learned of his unfaithfulness. Deciding to move on, made me move from the mainland to the island, concentrated on my work, pushed myself to get to the top in my company and now I have to agree with Mercy that I can’t be a recluse anymore. I need to go out and enjoy the work of my hands, need to loosen up and have a positive outlook on life. With that, I quickly send a message to Mercy of my interest and requested for details.

That acceptance led to a 10mins call from her as she was so happy to hear that am game and also informed me that she will stop by my office and join me to my home to pick up some stuff I will need as we will be spending the weekend in a newly opened hotel in Ikoyi, alongside Anna, Christy, and Joy. It sounded promising and just couldn’t wait to have fun.

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As promised, Mercy came to the office and meeting her at the reception almost got me crying because though we are in the same state, live on the island and our office not very far from each other, we haven’t seen each other for 8months. She had never given up on our friendship, and even when I don’t check up on her, she still does. She is always the one to chat me up, call me and the first to wish me a happy new month.

Am I looking forward to the weekend? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued…..



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Her Personal Thoughts…

Experiencing one of the saddest days in my life, led me driving around the busy city. Driving in circles just because I had a lot on my mind. Reminiscing from my teenage years through adolescent and as a young adult in the university up to this stage in my life as a successful architect, I tried finding the calming spirit that will tell me I have tried, rather something kept eating me deep down like I still have a lot to do.

What could be giving me this feeling of incompleteness? Why do I feel like I have not arrived when most women would kill to be in my position, career-wise. A partner in a successful architectural firm at a young age of 35, successful networker at her free time because I do not believe in having only one source of income.

Trying to remember the previous day’s activities as I swerve to take a bend that will lead me to the grocery shop, it finally dawned on me why I was feeling this way on a beautiful Sunday morning when I should have been in church thanking God for the grace to be alive.

I remembered vividly meeting Aunty Tosin, my mum’s younger sister at my little cousin’s wedding. She was asking me when I was gonna bring my ‘man’ home as it is taking me a long time to bring him. Growing up, I was one of those girls whose folks frowns at guys visiting her so it got stuck on me as I never for once brought a guy to my home no matter how much I value the friendship.

Now hearing that from her got me all worked up and I didn’t know why because statements like this normally don’t bug me as I always have a ready-made answer for such a question but on this particular day, it seems the cat got my tongue so tight. I remember telling her very soon but I could still recollect the smirk on her face like she didn’t believe that answer but really I couldn’t care less because at that point I was now itching to go home. I practically ran out and even forgot to wish the couple a happy married life and also say my farewells to my folks.

My night was short because my Aunt’s statement lingered at the uppermost part of my mind but I felt when I wake up, I would have gotten over it but here I was driving around town and with this mad traffic caused by different churches holding their services at the same time.

Deciding to play some gospel track was the best decision because it took me to a place of contentment, felt at peace knowing that all will be fine with me, I should keep trusting God for Rome wasn’t built in a day, I am his masterpiece, the apple of His eyes, He knows my end from my beginning because before I was formed, He already knew me and called me by my name. Didn’t know when the tears started rolling down my cheeks but I know been single isn’t a curse neither a disease, I will embrace my singlehood till God send me my Boaz who will complete me and shut the mouth of my destiny monitors.

The road became clear and instead of aimlessly driving around town, I decided to drive home and just enjoy the rest of the day.


Peace Out!!!!

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