Nobody Told Me……They Said

5It is very easy for us to make excuse using our ignorance about stuff and situations, that is why we hear people say, “Nobody told me…”.well let’s look at different scenarios about this wonderful line of us.

Nobody told me Jamb was so difficult, they just said read up past questions and if possible memorize some of the answers. They didn’t bother to say that i have to read intensively as questions and marking scheme will change and had to learn the hard way after failing Jamb 4 times.

Nobody told me that University is a whole new world and you have yourself to blame for any actions you take, they just said make sure the school pass through you likewise you passing through the school, they even went further to say that you have to do enough all night jacking aka TDB before you can make it through the university but they forgot to tell me that there are people that also scaled through without even going to class to read at night not even once. They also failed to tell me that it is not of whom that jacketh but of the Lord that showeth mercy. It practically took months of treating pneumonia and failing first year woefully for me to discover the reading pattern that suited me.

Nobody told me that NYSC was a mixture of fun and hard times, they just said this was an opportunity for government to pay “allawee”, they obviously forgot to say that some states do not pay corp members and some even owe. After been posted to the north, enduring harsh weather condition and teaching students that are not even ready to learn, and still waiting for government to pay the “allawee”, i knew they lied to me again.

Nobody told me that the labour market was not for all labourers but for the smart ones which doesn’t mean having a first class. I was told that with me been beautiful coupled with my intelligence, i can land any job i want. Ignorantly i saw myself working with Exxon mobil even before i completed my NYSC. Entering the labour market was a different ball game entirely. Rejecting sexual relations in favor of job and rejecting small paying jobs became an eye opener for me to know that the labour market is definitely not how i imagined it to be.

Nobody told me that rushing to have a 2nd degree after your Bsc is not a guarantee to land the BIG job, they just said with two degrees to your name you stand a better chance especially with an MSC from UK, but they forgot to say that experience plays a large role to an extent. After bagging my Bsc from Unilag and MSC from University of Manchester UK, I thought submitting my CV was all i needed to get my dream job. Waiting patiently for it for one year , i had to redirect my search to even look for small paying jobs as even subscribing on my phone was becoming difficult.

Nobody told me that Marketing job requires skill that is either inbuilt or developed, they just said with my pretty face and sexy smile, i can do the job well, but after failing to meet target and seeing babes that are not so beautiful hitting target, i knew i was just been foolish. I quickly ruled out marketing as not one of my strengths cos i no fit shout…

Nobody told me marriage has lots of surprises as circumstances could bring the worst out in a spouse, they just said if you have been together with someone for awhile, he can’t change all of a sudden in marriage, but after been branded by my hubby as a barren woman just cos i couldn’t get pregnant made me realized that is not how far you know someone but how well

Nobody told me that marriage is not dying in silence, rather i should pray my way out of any situations, it took 3 broken bones, lost tooth and a patched eye for me to be bold to cry out that i want a divorce, cos obviously God hasn’t been answering my prayers or maybe i was just been stupid, saying all was well when all wasn’t well at all, had to leave cos i cannot come and go and die…

We hear these all the time, and it could seem hilarious but is the plain truth. So if you have your “Nobody told me story”, why not share it with us in the comment section…


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