Silver Lining…Ep 5

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Seun I can’t believe you allowed the judge to rule in Mikayla’s favor? How can you agree to a settlement of 10million naira in this period of hard times? You better call the bank to put a stop to that transaction. Queried his mother.

‘Iya I can’t do it. Seun shouted at his mom on their way home from the court. Didn’t you hear all the allegations against me and wasn’t it true? Didn’t you see the witnesses that attest to the fact I mistreated Mikayla? Even the security guard of our former apartment was there. I wasn’t given enough time to prepare for the case neither was the judge ready to adjourn the case just because he felt Mikayla has suffered much and needs to let go of my wicked memories.
As am speaking to you, I have just got an alert that my account has been debited. She obviously feels I will be manipulated by you which you are clearly trying to do now.

‘If the money will clear my name and conscience fine but I doubt it will because she looked at me with so much disgust’. Seun kept lamenting to his mom. ‘You are right if looks can kill; Mikayla’s look would have sent me 6 ft under. Who could have thought she will be so bold to speak out like she did today and her mom acted like she was ready to pounce on me. Well, life goes on.

One Year Later

‘Good Afternoon, please I would like to see your boss if she is around’.
‘Yes, she is but do you have any appointment? Asked the receptionist
‘No, not really, it actually came as an impromptu visit and couldn’t reach her on the phone. Please just tell her Nkechi wants to see her’.
‘Okay just make yourself comfortable at the visitor’s section while I get across to her via the intercom’.
‘Okay thanks’, replied Nkechi as she made herself comfortable in the tastefully decorated visitor’s lounge.

Nkechi was really impressed with the office. This is the first time she was coming to Mikayla’s office after the remarkable opening four months ago. She was so proud of all her client turned friend has achieved after a year of her divorce. She has really proven that diligence and determination are all a person needs to forge ahead and make something out of an ugly situation.
She was glad she was an instrument to the joy Mikey is experiencing now. She likes her so much and there is never a dull moment hanging out with her whenever the chance arises.

‘Hello Nkay, how you doing? Mikayla greeted Nkechi as she made to greet her with a friendly hug.
‘Have been good and you? Nkay replied
‘Well same here though have had a busy schedule because am more or less booked for the month’.
‘Waow. That means business is booming’, exclaimed an excited Nkechi
‘Well, you can say again, God has indeed been faithful’. So what brings you here?
‘Well, I have a business proposal for you but this one you are booked, don’t know if I can be accommodated’.
‘Of course, you can be? Why don’t we go to my office and discuss the proposal?

They made their way to Mikayla’s office and Nkechi couldn’t hide her admiration when she saw the way her office was designed.
‘Oh my, Mikey, you did a good job in this place. I thought I had seen it all downstairs but up here in your office just blew me away.
Lol, well with the referral from you to the interior decoration company that did yours, I have to also say thank you. The decorator sure knows her job pretty well and I was so impressed when she was done with everything irrespective of the high sum. It clearly was worth it.
Well before I leave, I will like to take a detour if you don’t mind.

No problem about that, so what business proposal do you have for me?
Well, my mom’s birthday is coming up and is actually a surprise affair to an extent but just a family parole. We contacted a caterer to give us Nigerian delicacies but we want you to also cater for the party through your delicious finger licking food and likewise a mini intercontinental dish.
I got hooked on the dish you prepared for Nat’s anniversary party. So please can I be accommodated?
Like I told you earlier though we are booked, but I can’t turn you down on this. Just give me the necessary details and we will start from there and I will also like to know the particular type of intercontinental dish you want because we recently updated our menu.

My little sister, Emeka said, as he walked into his sister posh office.
How are you big brother, what brings you to my office? Inquired Nkechi.
Well, I came to know how you doing, you know we hardly see except for social media and maybe few calls. And besides the last time we saw, you were so busy at mom’s party.
Nkechi knew her brother was right. The party turned out to be big even though they tried to make it a small gathering. The food and drinks were enough for guests and Mikey did justice with her dishes.

‘Well, that is so true. I had to make sure everything went well in the party and you know I did a damn good job of it’.
‘Ya, you are right, and in fact, I came to see you as regards that. I need the contact of the caterer but not the one that catered for the main dish. The one that handled the intercontinental dish because I really enjoyed it and needs her service for something coming up’.
‘Oh really! Well, I can give you her details anyway and can assure you she is very good at her job but what exactly is coming up? Asked Nkechi.
‘Nothing serious, our strategic meeting is coming up in two months time and her dish will do the staff well after the usual brainstorming session in the meeting’.
‘Okay, let me get her complimentary card. She gave me some in case I have people interested in her services’.

Emeka decided to find about more details about Mikayla. ‘So what exactly do you know about her anyway, because I really didn’t know you guys are that close?
‘Well, you are right in saying you didn’t know because we just became friends of recent and I got to know her through Nat my friend from church. Hmm, big bros, are you sure you are inquiring about her services or you are interested in her? Replied Nkechi
That got a deep laugh from her brother whom she loves so much. Well, she seems like a nice person even though we haven’t met, but thanks for the information, though.

‘Good afternoon, I would like to meet your MD’. Emeka flashed his sexy smile that gets ladies swooning around him as he greeted the receptionist at Mikayla’s office.
‘Do you have an appointment’? Asked the receptionist.
No, I don’t but I got a referral from her very good friend who assured me that I can be attended to if I come in early, replied Emeka as he keeps smiling hoping that it would have an effect on her and it sure did as he was referred to the waiting lounge.
While at the lounge, he took his time to admire his surrounding and have to confess that Mikayla has an exotic taste. Seems everything about her is nice. Still deep in thought, he didn’t know when Mikayla stepped into the lounge to greet him.

‘Good morning sir’? When there was no response, Mikey took a step further to tap him slightly on his shoulder and that brought him back to his present surrounding.
‘Oh am so sorry, was lost in thought, Emeka said while he stood up to greet Mikey.
Is ok, I guess you got carried away by the beautiful décor, it usually has similar effects on my clients, Mikey said to ease him of his embarrassment.
‘Well, you can have your seat while you tell me how I can be of help to you’. Thank you, replied Emeka. Having tasted your delicacies at an event of recent, I wanted to know if you can cater for a mini-event coming up soon.
‘Wow, so which event will that be’? Inquired Mikey, as she tried to remember the event she catered for recently.
‘That will be for Chief Obi’s wife birthday party’. Said Emeka.
Oh that, am not sure I saw you there, although I wouldn’t have remembered you because I was extremely busy as I wanted the best for that event.
Really why? Asked Emeka. Mikayla replied by saying, ‘There are some people you meet in life that you will never know how much they will mean to you. Chief Obi’s daughter, Nkechi has really helped me in so many ways and giving my profound best in that party was something I wanted and people testifying from that event means I really did well even though I still owe her a lot.

Wow, that is interesting. Anyway, Chief Obi is my dad which makes Nkechi my kid sister. That statement got a surprised look on Mikey as she tried to search for any resemblance between Emeka and Nkay.


To be continued…


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Silver Lining…Ep 3

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Nathalie met Nkechi at the close of church service to inquire about her schedule for the coming week, as she wants to book an appointment for her friend. ‘Waow Nkay, is been awhile we last saw, eating your money alone abi?’

“LOL..ya right, we are just been busy making sure our clients’ needs are met, how is your end anyway?’
“My end is okay, I really want to see you with regards to a dear friend of mine who is considering leaving her hubby. I already told her I know a law firm that can represent her and they are exceptionally good.’
“Would have loved you to tell me a little of what to expect but I will prefer getting all details from your friend herself if that is ok with you?’

“Of course, No problem, that will be much better. So when exactly can we come, because I intend coming with her, at least for the first session”.
“Well, you can call tomorrow from 9am to book an appointment for Wednesday when I will be in the office. I will personally hand her over to someone that I can affirm is very ruthless in divorce battles but I do hope she had a court marriage”?
“Ya, I guess so, though not too sure” replied Nathalie.
“No problem, just book the appointment and I will see you ladies on Wednesday”.
Nathalie thanked her and left to join her hubby and her 2 kids who were waiting for her in the parking lot.


Mikayla got married at 21, before her marriage, she was an epitome of beauty and likewise intelligent. She got married immediately she rounded up her mandatory youth service corp program. She met her hubby while she was serving, Seun swept her off her feet, serenaded her with gifts and affection that she had no choice than to fall in love pretty fast with him. She didn’t mind that he was 12 years her senior, didn’t pay heed to her friends when they told her not to rush into marrying him because he proposed to her 8months after they met.

She just felt this was her opportunity and she should grab it. Her mom also supported her decision because she wanted to have her grandkids as Mikayla is her only child. From the first day she met her in-laws, she could sense that they didn’t approve of her being that she ain’t Yoruba but Seun quickly reassured her that they will come around in due time
but they never did.

After her marriage, she saw her hubby in a different light. He became so aggressive towards her causing her emotional pain but never raised his hands to her. She could remember the first time her hubby called her barren, she cried for two days. She could take the insults from people, her inlaws but couldn’t believe her hubby will label her as such. So many times she has had to treat herself for STI, she had to swallow it all, treating herself and allowing him to keep sleeping with her just because she wanted a child of her own and after God smiled on her, she told him she wasn’t ready to contract HIV from him because she has repeatedly treated herself from the several infections he passed on to her. That got him angry and partially moved out of their matrimonial home, only to visit once in a week. But that has never bothered her because she was always at peace in his absence. She got to find out after her daughter’s birth that he has 2 kids outside their marriage from a woman his family arranged for him and apparently he lives with her.

She really can’t wait to be done with this marriage and move on with her life. So unfortunate that 10 years of her life was wasted on her marriage with Seun, but her daughter’s short stay with her made it bearable.

Nathalie had informed her of her appointment with the lawyer she recommended and she wants to discuss with the lawyer before going ahead to inform her hubby about her decisions.


“Wow this office looks spacious and neat, it really portrays an office for the professionals”, Mikayla admired the office as she joined Nathalie in the law firm where she has an appointment with Nathalie’s friend, Nkechi. They made their way to the reception where the receptionist was already waiting to attend to them with a beautiful smile.
“Good morning, we have a 10’o clock appointment with the MD and she is expecting us”. Said Nathalie to the young lady

‘Okay please have your seat while I confirm your appointment’. They made way to sit at the waiting lounge; Mikayla was already getting tensed as she doesn’t know what will be the outcome of their meeting. If today goes well, then she will be sure of a swift and successful divorce proceeding. Sensing that Mikayla was getting worried, Nathalie placed her hands on her shoulder to let her know she is here with her to face the storm. She was about to tell Nathalie to place a call to her friend when in walked a beautiful and elegant lady, who walked straight to them with smiles on her face.

‘Hi girlfriend, am so sorry to have kept you ladies waiting but I had an early morning briefing with my team members. Nkechi says, as she hugged Nathalie.
‘Welll no problem, we have all day for this meeting if possible, I actually took permission to work from the house today. Anyway, this is my friend Mikayla, who I told you is in need of your expert service’. With that, Mikayla brought out her hands to shake Nkechi’s own but instead Nkechi pulled her into a warm hug that made her feel at home.
Sensing that Mikayla has gone through a lot, she had to assure her that her company will do its best in helping her through the process and she will personally hand her over to the best divorce lawyer, the firm has.
‘Now I want to hear all about your marriage, the reason you are taking this step and what plans you have already in motion’. Nkechi told Mikayla.


Mikey, you have to stop crying, you have to be able to face your demon squarely. Nathalie tried consoling Mikayla who has been crying ever since they got back to Mikey’s house from the law firm. ‘Didn’t know the meeting will be like this? I felt so naked and really useless. It now dawned on me that I was so blind in all my dealings with my husband. Nat where will I start from after this ordeal? Knowing we didn’t have any court marriage how will it be treated squarely? But you know what? I don’t care. I just want to be done with this whole charade and begin anew’. Replied Mikayla to Nathalie.

‘That is the spirit I want you to have, fine you don’t have a job, but in due time you will get. The big question now is do you want to tell your hubby about your decision or you want the firm to serve him the divorce papers themselves? Replied Nathalie. And for them to do that, you may need to move out from this apartment so that Seun doesn’t become violent towards you. However, if you want to tell him yourself, no problem but no one knows the way he will take the news from you. However if you want me to be around, I will’.
‘The firm will do that, I just don’t want to give him the pleasure of seeing how it really affects me ,but before then, I need to get an apartment for me and my mom to move into, after which the divorce papers can be served at his office’.

‘Well, that seems to be a good idea, answered Nathalie and really am impressed with that but do you have the funds for an apartment yet? I could lend you if you want and my hubby knows a good agent that can get you a wonderful deal?
‘So much might have happened to me in my marriage but that hasn’t made me stupid. I do have savings because once in awhile he pays =N=250,000 into my account, and with what I have I think I can be able to rent a 2 bedroom apartment. Besides, I really don’t want to abuse the privileges you have extended to me’.
‘Oh stop that, interjected Nat, what are friends for if not for inconveniences? Am pretty sure you will do same for me if I were to be in your shoes, so chill and let someone take care of you a little’.


To be continued…


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Becoming A Pro…


Entrepreneurship could be stumbled on depending on situations around an individual. Could be as a result of getting tired of sitting at home, day in and day out or you are tired of your present job that doesn’t satisfy you financially despite the time, energy and number of hours you have put on the job.

I for one believe that every individual is restless especially when they get to that point of comparing themselves with their fellow friends. It was that stage I found myself when I finally made up my mind to think of another source of income. The big question became what can I do that won’t affect my present job? Of course the thought that came into my mind was buying and selling because then I felt anyone into business is obviously doing buying and selling, I never knew there were different facets of a business.

Well, I delved into buying and selling, and instead of the regular selling ladies wear, I decided to go into dealing with men wears just because I didn’t need the stress attached to dealing with women and I felt men are easy to do business with. I was able to establish a cash and carry policy because I needed to restock as soon as my goods get exhausted. However I gave my colleague’s opportunity of paying back as soon as salary is paid, with this was able to encourage them to patronise me.

One thing I also took into consideration was the quality of the wears. Due to the fact that I was opportune to have families and friends in US and UK, what I was doing was to order online, and get my goods delivered to my families’ residence and they helped to ship down for those that don’t ship to Nigeria. It was really amazing how it picked up from trying to understand the business and establishing myself as a pro in it.

In fact, ladies started pleading with me to think of selling female wears which I eventually did. Now don’t get it twisted, the beginning was tough because I had to do something I never thought I could do which was marketing. I never thought I would ever see myself marketing a product for any company but I saw myself doing that for mine. I used to tell people I don’t have marketing skills but I saw myself doing so well marketing my goods. The truth is everyone has in him/her what it takes to excel in wherever he/she find themselves.

The business kept growing while I was still diligent in my paid job, I was able to combine both because of my determination despite the stress that accompanied it. I found myself selling to people I always envied, those working in banks, advertising and the oil and gas.

Right now am thinking of taking it to another level by creating an online shop which is still in progress. This idea was borne out of the requests I do get from people wanting to get my stocks but they find it difficult due to location.

My advice to people who are now in the restless state, wanting to earn more at the end of the month, first is to understand yourself, what you derive joy in doing and what can people know you for. Everyone in my office and even close friends knows am a sucker for a well-dressed guy. I love seeing smartly dressed men and I extended it to females because I love looking good and I know good quality when I see one.

If I hadn’t embarked on this, I still would have been managing my one source of income and still praying for a better job but right now what I pray to God for is to bless the work of my hands while also blessing where am still working because they have always supported me.

My Dream Lover……..


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Another cool night that sees me hot but not with perspiration, rather sexual pleasure. His kisses were magnificent and I do look forward to that. Caresses me with patience all to make me feel wonderfully satisfied but always leave me wanting more. I usually look forward to sleeping because that is when I do enjoy my romantic times with Gabriel, my dream lover who always comes to me immediately my eyes are shut, I see myself floating and just been around him, wanting him to put his arms around me and comfort me after a stressful day.

This has been going on and off to the point that going out on a date with anyone feels like am cheating on my dream lover and for 2years it was the same and I was already getting agitated because I can’t seem to have someone to place a call to when I am down during the day and also can’t keep putting guys at bay all for my imaginary lover. Friends and associates were getting worried and wondering why I haven’t been on a date for a long while.

Calling my mum in Nigeria, I decided to open up to her as she is kind of my best friend and when I did, she screamed at shouted “Ewuu…my daughter has a spirit husband…seriously? What does she mean by that? I was still wondering when she asked me if I married my dream lover in my dream and I said no but can’t remember if I did.

Told mum, not to get worried as I intend breaking up with him and mum asked me how do I intend doing that? Replied her that I will just tell him when next we meet which will be at night that I will tell him calmly so he doesn’t feel dejected. My mum told me am outta my mind and that the 15 years have been in the states has made me forget myself and that I should take the next available flight to Naija because the kinda break up I need has to be done spiritually.

Didn’t know when I started laughing and that created the impression that I was taking things lightly but assured my mum that I intend breaking up with Gabriel because when I need him to do some physical stuff for me he ain’t available. We eventually made a deal that if I can’t do it my way, we will do it her way.

That night, I got ready for bed. Usually, before going to bed, I do try to smell nice and that draws Gabriel to me quickly as possible so on this particular night, I didn’t, wanting him to come on his own if he is interested in me. He didn’t and when I thought he wouldn’t, I felt his presence in the dream with his usual kisses but this time, I didn’t feel aroused or excited but was disgusted because it became glaring to me that this is just a fantasy. He noticed I wasn’t my usual self and asked what was wrong and I replied that I am no longer interested in this relationship. A relationship where I can’t show him off to my friends, where I can’t call him on the phone, he can’t be around to help me with some physical chores, I need a man that will be there for me at all times and, of course, pay the bills but all these while, for 2years it has just been I and him and no one else, hasn’t ever supported me financially not even buying me my favorite ice cream as he doesn’t know.

After pouring my pent up anger at him, he calmly told me I was the one that invited him when I had just left a broken relationship and he knew a time will come when I will feel restless and he has been patient with me to be strong, build my confidence again to face the real world again and even advised me to know my self-worth when dealing with men.

I was shocked and more shocked when he said I alone has the power to send him away and I have done that and though he is sad but he has to go and that all along he was just a figment of my imagination of how I want a perfect boyfriend to be but now I can see that though he is perfect for me physically but he isn’t perfect in other areas as I have come to realise.

After saying all those, he just gradually left my presence and I saw myself waking up due to the ringing of my alarm clock. Waking up, I felt relieved and fully confident to brace myself for another relationship. My mum called me later in the day to know how it went and I told her it was over as we have ended the relationship and the next thing she said was that wasn’t enough and I need to come for deliverance. Like seriously? Put all things on hold and just board a flight to come home just for deliverance?

I sure didn’t go, weeks turned into months and I didn’t see or feel my dream lover, and I was eager to mingle once again and after taking my time to understand Samuel who has been on my case for 6 months even before I broke up with Gabriel, decided to give him a chance and so far I can say have missed a lot of just having someone to cuddle me anytime of the day, call me to talk long hours on the phone, help me in some minimal house chores like fixing my light bulb, walking my dog if am not around.

But I really appreciate Gabriel for the time we spent together and I wish him the best wherever he is.