Happiness From Within

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I tried to understand why things are going same way,
I tried to justify my actions,
I tried to question my instincts,
I tried to perfect all my imperfections just to be accepted,
I tried to lower my standards just so I can accommodate different flaws,
I tried to just live life just so I won’t be tag too serious.

But what I failed to realize is that i’m a unique being,
I was created in a special way,
I was made to love myself first before anyone will,
My standards ain’t high, some people are not just worth having me,
I can’t be someone else to prove a point to those who doesn’t deserve me,
Tomorrow is pregnant so, therefore, my time will surely come.

Why brood over people that don’t create time to be with you?
Why accommodate unnecessary personalities that only make you sad?
Why let yourself to believe everyone can be your friends when clearly is not true?
Why justify the actions of unserious people in your life?

You are worth more than diamonds!
You are wonderfully made!
You are the peaceful heart to a troubled soul!
Treasure the few friends you have,
Value quality over quantity,
Smile for your turn to laugh over your sorrows has come!!



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Silver Lining…Ep 5

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Seun I can’t believe you allowed the judge to rule in Mikayla’s favor? How can you agree to a settlement of 10million naira in this period of hard times? You better call the bank to put a stop to that transaction. Queried his mother.

‘Iya I can’t do it. Seun shouted at his mom on their way home from the court. Didn’t you hear all the allegations against me and wasn’t it true? Didn’t you see the witnesses that attest to the fact I mistreated Mikayla? Even the security guard of our former apartment was there. I wasn’t given enough time to prepare for the case neither was the judge ready to adjourn the case just because he felt Mikayla has suffered much and needs to let go of my wicked memories.
As am speaking to you, I have just got an alert that my account has been debited. She obviously feels I will be manipulated by you which you are clearly trying to do now.

‘If the money will clear my name and conscience fine but I doubt it will because she looked at me with so much disgust’. Seun kept lamenting to his mom. ‘You are right if looks can kill; Mikayla’s look would have sent me 6 ft under. Who could have thought she will be so bold to speak out like she did today and her mom acted like she was ready to pounce on me. Well, life goes on.

One Year Later

‘Good Afternoon, please I would like to see your boss if she is around’.
‘Yes, she is but do you have any appointment? Asked the receptionist
‘No, not really, it actually came as an impromptu visit and couldn’t reach her on the phone. Please just tell her Nkechi wants to see her’.
‘Okay just make yourself comfortable at the visitor’s section while I get across to her via the intercom’.
‘Okay thanks’, replied Nkechi as she made herself comfortable in the tastefully decorated visitor’s lounge.

Nkechi was really impressed with the office. This is the first time she was coming to Mikayla’s office after the remarkable opening four months ago. She was so proud of all her client turned friend has achieved after a year of her divorce. She has really proven that diligence and determination are all a person needs to forge ahead and make something out of an ugly situation.
She was glad she was an instrument to the joy Mikey is experiencing now. She likes her so much and there is never a dull moment hanging out with her whenever the chance arises.

‘Hello Nkay, how you doing? Mikayla greeted Nkechi as she made to greet her with a friendly hug.
‘Have been good and you? Nkay replied
‘Well same here though have had a busy schedule because am more or less booked for the month’.
‘Waow. That means business is booming’, exclaimed an excited Nkechi
‘Well, you can say again, God has indeed been faithful’. So what brings you here?
‘Well, I have a business proposal for you but this one you are booked, don’t know if I can be accommodated’.
‘Of course, you can be? Why don’t we go to my office and discuss the proposal?

They made their way to Mikayla’s office and Nkechi couldn’t hide her admiration when she saw the way her office was designed.
‘Oh my, Mikey, you did a good job in this place. I thought I had seen it all downstairs but up here in your office just blew me away.
Lol, well with the referral from you to the interior decoration company that did yours, I have to also say thank you. The decorator sure knows her job pretty well and I was so impressed when she was done with everything irrespective of the high sum. It clearly was worth it.
Well before I leave, I will like to take a detour if you don’t mind.

No problem about that, so what business proposal do you have for me?
Well, my mom’s birthday is coming up and is actually a surprise affair to an extent but just a family parole. We contacted a caterer to give us Nigerian delicacies but we want you to also cater for the party through your delicious finger licking food and likewise a mini intercontinental dish.
I got hooked on the dish you prepared for Nat’s anniversary party. So please can I be accommodated?
Like I told you earlier though we are booked, but I can’t turn you down on this. Just give me the necessary details and we will start from there and I will also like to know the particular type of intercontinental dish you want because we recently updated our menu.

My little sister, Emeka said, as he walked into his sister posh office.
How are you big brother, what brings you to my office? Inquired Nkechi.
Well, I came to know how you doing, you know we hardly see except for social media and maybe few calls. And besides the last time we saw, you were so busy at mom’s party.
Nkechi knew her brother was right. The party turned out to be big even though they tried to make it a small gathering. The food and drinks were enough for guests and Mikey did justice with her dishes.

‘Well, that is so true. I had to make sure everything went well in the party and you know I did a damn good job of it’.
‘Ya, you are right, and in fact, I came to see you as regards that. I need the contact of the caterer but not the one that catered for the main dish. The one that handled the intercontinental dish because I really enjoyed it and needs her service for something coming up’.
‘Oh really! Well, I can give you her details anyway and can assure you she is very good at her job but what exactly is coming up? Asked Nkechi.
‘Nothing serious, our strategic meeting is coming up in two months time and her dish will do the staff well after the usual brainstorming session in the meeting’.
‘Okay, let me get her complimentary card. She gave me some in case I have people interested in her services’.

Emeka decided to find about more details about Mikayla. ‘So what exactly do you know about her anyway, because I really didn’t know you guys are that close?
‘Well, you are right in saying you didn’t know because we just became friends of recent and I got to know her through Nat my friend from church. Hmm, big bros, are you sure you are inquiring about her services or you are interested in her? Replied Nkechi
That got a deep laugh from her brother whom she loves so much. Well, she seems like a nice person even though we haven’t met, but thanks for the information, though.

‘Good afternoon, I would like to meet your MD’. Emeka flashed his sexy smile that gets ladies swooning around him as he greeted the receptionist at Mikayla’s office.
‘Do you have an appointment’? Asked the receptionist.
No, I don’t but I got a referral from her very good friend who assured me that I can be attended to if I come in early, replied Emeka as he keeps smiling hoping that it would have an effect on her and it sure did as he was referred to the waiting lounge.
While at the lounge, he took his time to admire his surrounding and have to confess that Mikayla has an exotic taste. Seems everything about her is nice. Still deep in thought, he didn’t know when Mikayla stepped into the lounge to greet him.

‘Good morning sir’? When there was no response, Mikey took a step further to tap him slightly on his shoulder and that brought him back to his present surrounding.
‘Oh am so sorry, was lost in thought, Emeka said while he stood up to greet Mikey.
Is ok, I guess you got carried away by the beautiful décor, it usually has similar effects on my clients, Mikey said to ease him of his embarrassment.
‘Well, you can have your seat while you tell me how I can be of help to you’. Thank you, replied Emeka. Having tasted your delicacies at an event of recent, I wanted to know if you can cater for a mini-event coming up soon.
‘Wow, so which event will that be’? Inquired Mikey, as she tried to remember the event she catered for recently.
‘That will be for Chief Obi’s wife birthday party’. Said Emeka.
Oh that, am not sure I saw you there, although I wouldn’t have remembered you because I was extremely busy as I wanted the best for that event.
Really why? Asked Emeka. Mikayla replied by saying, ‘There are some people you meet in life that you will never know how much they will mean to you. Chief Obi’s daughter, Nkechi has really helped me in so many ways and giving my profound best in that party was something I wanted and people testifying from that event means I really did well even though I still owe her a lot.

Wow, that is interesting. Anyway, Chief Obi is my dad which makes Nkechi my kid sister. That statement got a surprised look on Mikey as she tried to search for any resemblance between Emeka and Nkay.


To be continued…


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Loving My Baby Oil!!!!!!

Have always been the type that doesn’t fancy the usage of body creams as I really don’t believe they work for me. Most times after purchase, no matter how expensive it was, I find myself giving it out because was  getting pretty bored with it from not seeing positive results.

I have a combination skin so I try to be careful what I use on my body, a lesson I have learnt after a reaction I  had recently. I have used creams, oils but I still didn’t get the wow factor, so I made up mind to do intensive researches on oils and decided to start with Boots baby oil.

WHY!!!! Well for one I have seen how supple and soft it makes my niece skin looks and somehow just believed it gonna do same for me depite being an adult.lol.

REVIEWS!!!!! To be honest, I love it, it moisturizes my skin and doesn’t dry out so easily. I usually apply body creams or oils at night because I really don’t like to be bothered about them during the day. Have read so many articles that body creams work best at night so it became part of me, however once in a while I do use it on my body during the day.

Have also noticed that it evens my complexion which am so happy for right now. It gonna takes roughly 2-3 months before it gets exhausted, I sure will get another one if I don’t get a much better oil to research on. But for now, it is working for me and that’s all that matters.



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Fun Weekend With The Girls….Cont’d


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I and Mercy met Anna and Christy at the reception and we decided to take a tour of the hotel’s beautiful surroundings while waiting for Joy. Going into the restaurant, I knew I will definitely have some delicious and mouth watering dishes. I was already in love with the hotel and looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Joy finally came and we made our reservations for the weekend and requested for 5 single rooms on the same floor and close to each other.

We were shown to our rooms and after having a quick shower, I decided to relax with the novel I brought, my intercom buzz and it was Mercy telling me of the Friday chilling and is at the hotel’s bar. Told her will be there in 20mins. Initially, I thought it was just gonna be a normal hotel bar setting but to my surprise, it was more or less like a lounge and the setting and ambiance was so cool. Anna saw me first so she signaled to me and they all did their oohs and ahhs, complimenting my outfit which I felt was just a simple one, but then I knew my curves gave it more justice. I actually got some stares from the other guests but I wasn’t really in the mood to feel special, rather just to catch up old times.

There was enough laughter, tears and of course a big hug and I was so happy to hear Anna was engaged, funny how I never knew her relationship with Samuel had gotten to that stage. I had to ask for her forgiveness for not having been there, and she quickly told me she understood. Joy has always been the blunt one among us and she was the one brave enough to ask me the big question of why I turned into a recluse. I was shocked because I actually don’t have an answer to that except maybe there was really no other way since am single and she said or maybe you felt like you failed at something. That got me because that was actually my greatest fear that I failed in my relationship and in trying to defend myself, I didn’t know when the tears rolled down my cheeks and before I could even get my acts together, they all had their hands around me and I saw myself crying for more than 20mins. They kept assuring me they understand, trying to let me know am still the beautiful lady in and out that they have always known. Of course, I will say I am beautiful, have always had guys around me seeking for a relationship but I always turn them down. With my height, curves and smile always on my face even when am sad deep inside, I do get compliments where ever I go but that had never taken the pain I have had in my heart for long. I really felt so good, light and relieved as it seems a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulder and the next couple of minutes saw us laughing, cracking jokes and of course hitting the dance floor. We were just 5 crazy girls enjoying ourselves and being happy for our achievements in life and grateful that we have been able to come together like this after such a long time. We retired for the night at 2am and I immediately slept off as soon as got my ass on the bed cos I was so tired.

Woke up due to the ringing from the intercom, it was obviously Mercy and wanted to know if I was up as we were booked for a workout at the gym followed by a pampering session at the spa. That really got me fully awake and I quickly had my bath and got into a workout outfit.

It was refreshing seeing my girls that mid-day, we had smiles on our faces, obviously recollecting the past night in our subconscious. We got into the business of lifting weights and pumping irons, we worked out the stress out of our system and engaged in the dancing exercise session. Gosh, it was so awesome, couldn’t believe we spent 3hours In the gym but it was really worth it at the end. Off we later went to the spa, the ambiance of the spa was welcoming and the hotel sure spent a lot investing in it. We were treated to a full body massage, sauna and of course manicure and pedicure.

I thought that would be the last activity for the day, but I was wrong as Mercy had other plans up her sleeves, told us to dressed casually as we will be meeting other mutual friends of ours at silverbird galleria for a late night movie. I didn’t know if I should decline at first because I really don’t fancy driving at night and also is been awhile I stayed later than 8pm outside for any reason at all and that really got me sceptical but Anna quickly assured me that we will be using the hotel cab service which sounded fine to me, and with that information, we all went to our various rooms to get ready for the movie date.

The movie date went well, met people I haven’t seen for awhile as I haven’t been in their company for a long time and at first I thought I will feel awkward as some of the guys were those that knew about my break up with my ex but I didn’t mind, I came to have fun and I sure will. And yes I had mad fun, the movie was interesting and the hanging out afterward at a nearby lounge was, even more, fun. Some of the guys were trying to get close to me but I just don’t want that sort of friendship, neither do I want to give anyone any unmistakable green light. This was just a weekend and I wanted it to remain so.

We got to the hotel at exactly 3am, I quickly dash into my room, had a hot bath, ordered a glass of freshly squeezed juice and while waiting for my juice, I decided to take the time to meditate for awhile as I wasn’t feeling sleepy. My juice came and it kinda got me into the mood to sleep and I sure slept for hours because I woke up 12pm. I got ready to check out when I got a knock on my door, and it was my girls, they were already set to check out also and from their facial expressions they sure had a swell weekend just like me. We sat down and Anna began by telling me never to think that they can’t always be with me and that we have being friends since university days and we will continue to be friends. Joy added she noticed I was been reserved with the guys and understood that I want to keep my distance, however, I should have an open mind from now on and just be me.

I really felt loved that they came out just to make me feel good when they could have hung out with their fiancé and boyfriends. It was indeed a fun-filled weekend.

The End!!!!!


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Confidence Of Airport Touts

All in the name of airport protocol officers and under the fragile protection of security officers in the airport, these airport touts make their daily living. Well, man must hustle, that’s the mindset of an average Nigerian but when it is at the detriment of notable citizens who are naive, then it is a fantastically corrupt business.

They can be seen at the airport especially the MM1 aka GAT, some are inside the airport while some are stationed outside the airport waiting for fortune to smile on them. If that happens, they take their passenger to meet the privilege ones inside that helps to get the tickets for them whilst they try to convince the passenger to sit somewhere and when they are done, boarding pass is given to the passenger without the ticket.

Proceeds from the transaction are shared among them after the particular flight has been announced, this is because no one knows if there will be cancellation of flight and should there be, they have to run around to refund the passenger without causing issues that can backfire on them. So far, this touting activities isn’t noticable in MM2 compared to MM1.

People keep asking if security officers or agents are in the airport and yes they are but somehow they keep a blind eye to the activities as far as there are no issues because at the end of the day, they collect their own share of the proceeds, and their food for the day is provided for by these touts.

Some of these touts know their targets and they can easily profile you just by looking at you. There are some that are more comfortable dealing with foreigners and now some of these foreigners are now acquainted with these set of people and tend not to appraoch them at all as they have fallen victim in time past. Those that feel they are handsome and have what it takes to walk up to a girl, targets well-dressed ladies and also guys in some cases. Is just all about been confident in what they are doing because they know very well that like all businesses, confidence plays a large role.

Can one really bame these set of people that seek for their daily bread? Some of them once worked for some of the airlines that have packed up, while some were sacked due to one issue or the other and they decided to fight for survival rather than sitting back and wallowing in self pity and of course we know the jobs ain’t there. The experienced ones who have been in the game for long have upgraded by registering their business and getting recognized so they are not harrassed in the airport and also for easy access for them to do their transactions and they equally have regualar business clients who steadily call them up for their flight tickets

Well somehow the activities are now minimal and they sure didn’t see that coming and probably with time, this sort of activity will be scrapped out but until then, travelers need to be extremely vigilant and always try to get to the exact counter they really need assistance from.


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