Silver Lining….Ep 6

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One year Later

Someone is really looking sexy, Mikayla’s mum said as she walked up to her daughter to admire her in her beautiful red gown that did justice to her hour glass figure.

Hmm mummy you are trying to make an old lady blush”, replied Mikayla to her mum.

‘Blush indeed! Am really happy how you have risen above all the challenges you encountered, you are the true daughter of your father, and am very sure he would have been proud of how far you have achieved under two years’. Her mum said with tears in glistening her eyes.

‘Anyway I don’t want you to be late for the dinner you have with Emeka. That young man is really a matured fellow and I thank God for bringing him to your life’.

‘Have to confessed that the first time I accepted to date him after one month of pestering on his part, I was always expecting him to change and be like Seun, but I realize is not fair to compare him to my ex husband because in all ramifications, Seun doesn’t measure up to Emeka and with that realization I made up mind to enjoy being with him and lets see what the future have for both of us’.

‘So if he asked you to marry him, will you?’ Mikayla’s mum asked and praying within herself that her daughter gives a positive answer because she always wonder if she has given up on marriage.

‘Yea sure I will but that will come if he wants it’. Replied Mikayla.


‘Are you okay? You seemed to be far away ?asked Mikey to Emeka whom she has been dating for a year’.

‘Am okay love, just wondering why my PA hasn’t sent the mail I asked her to’, replied Emeka who couldn’t help to conceal the worried look on his face.

He thought he had it all planned, has been planning the perfect proposal from the day Mikayla agreed to have him as more than a friend. He had always known she is right for him and can’t wait to have her as his wife but first he need to be able to carry out this proposal mission without sending out a signal.

His sister, Nkechi , his mum and Mikayla’s mum and Mikayla’s friend Nathalie has assured him everything was under control but why are they 5mins behind time? He thought of using the rest room but that would make it the sixth time he is excusing himself for that and that might make Mikayla suspicious.

Still in his thought, he didn’t noticed when the artiste he had called to serenade Mikayla with songs, stepped in and was singing their favorite love song.

‘Wow, honey, That is our song’, Mikayla said with smile and Emeka knew the time has come for the moment he has been waiting for. They were the only one in the private lounge, as he had already booked the place in advance. He asked for a dance from Mikayla and she gladly accepted because she was dying to be in his arms.

They walked to the center of the lounge, dancing to the cool blues, and Emeka started letting her know how incomplete his life was till she came into the picture, how she had made life more beautiful and having her always keeps him going and promised never to hurt her or make her cry. It wasn’t unusual for Emeka to say all he was saying because he always let her know how special she was to him. She replied by letting him know he had made her to believe in love again after what she went through and thanked him for being patient with her and able to break down the walls she erected around her heart.

She was so lost in what she was saying with her eyes closed, that she didn’t notice when Emeka got down on one knee holding an opened jewelry box that has a beautiful diamond ring. She came to reality when the music stopped and wondering why, had to open her eyes only to behold the love of her life on a bended knee, smiling sheepishly, she couldn’t hear what he was saying and just kept muttering yes!yes!!,yes!!!.

The next sounds she heard as Emeka slipped the ring onto her finger, was screams of congratulations. She looked around and saw people that has made her life meaningful the past 2 years, Her mom, Nathalie, Nkechi and Nkechi’s mom. Mikayla couldn’t hold back the tears; Emeka had to wrap his arms around her for a warm embrace and kept planting kisses on her teary face.


‘Mikey love, I have gist for you’, Nathalie said as she got into Mikayla’s house. Really, what could have made you so excited, replied Mikayla.

‘Okay, guess who i saw today’? Nathalie asked as she made herself comfortable in the sitting room.

‘Hmm you should know I’m not good at the guessing game’. Replied Mikey who wasn’t ready to play any guessing game as she was so tired from the previous day outing she had with Emeka.

‘Alright that’s fine, I actually saw Seun this morning. He obviously came to do some shopping at the mall and spotted me at the cashier point. I didn’t notice his presence till he tapped me on the shoulder’. Seriously!!! Cut in Mikayla.

‘Yes, answered Nat and it actually seemed like he regretted the action, probably expecting a cold shoulder but I rather flashed him one of my wonderful smiles and asked how he was doing and his family. You needed to see how uncomfortable he was and then he asked how you were faring and I told him you were doing great’.

That got a laugh from Mikayla because she could actually picture Nat in her element and knew she would have really made Seun felt uncomfortable.

‘Gosh Mikey, I really wondered what you saw in that guy? Obviously you were blinded by love. Seun is definitely not aging with grace, he looked liked he has so much responsibilities on his shoulder, and needs someone to pamper him’.

‘Really!!! replied Mikey, well he has his wife, his kids and of course his over bearing mother to help ease of the stress, or do you want to help him out’? Mikey asked jokingly.


‘Wow Dayo is been a long time we last saw, what has been happening to you’? Asked Seun to his friend from his University days as he met Dayo in the lounge they have agreed to meet.

‘Well have been good and you’? Replied Dayo

‘Well it hasn’t been easy with the country’s present economy problems but we are still striving’, answered Seun.

‘Have you ordered anything to drink? Seun asked while trying to get the attention of the waiters in the lounge.

‘Not at all, was going through my mail while waiting for you to come. So what’s up, why do you want to see me?

‘Hmm I really think we would need a bottle of wine while I talked about the reason for wanting to see you’.

That got Dayo really confused and worried as well, Seun had always being confident about life, but the Seun he is seeing now looks so sad and worried. He was able to asked him what was wrong, before the waiter came to take their order.

Dayo waited for the young waiter to be through before imploring Seun to explain what is really going on with him.

‘So what exactly is the problem? Because to be frank, you don’t look your cheerful self?

‘My brother, I have sunk so deep into the hole that I don’t even know how to get out. My business is fine but not so fine with the present economic challenges in the country. My major problem is my folks, how to send them back to the village or anywhere but not my house. My mum seems to have a hold on my family and I am beginning to get frustrated. My mum wants to rule my house, and my wife clearly ain’t ready for that. This has led to frequent quarrels and my mum is trying to instigate I send her away’.

‘My wife is trying to prevent what happened between I and Mikayla. And truthfully I have to say that my mum is the architect of the love lost between Mikayla and I’.

‘Hmm, I did warn you, replied Dayo. I tried to make you realize that your mum was been manipulative and too involve in your home, but you wouldn’t listen and the fact that you are just learning of your mum’s motive is baffling. Sincerely if you want to preserve your marriage and want to bring up your kids under the love of their parents then you have to send your folks far away from your matrimonial home before you develop high blood pressure.

Your wife clearly knows your mother so well and don’t want any issues in her marriage, she ain’t as peaceful as your wife and being a Yoruba woman, she knows how the Yoruba mothers reason. If you really love the mother of your kids then is a sacrifice you need to make.

‘Can’t really say I love Bisi like I loved Mikey, but we just fell out of love. What I have for Bisi isn’t love. I see us more like mutual partners that want to care for each other. Fine we were dating while I was still married and after the car accident I had when Mikey was pregnant with Princess, she took care of me alongside my mum in my family house because I couldn’t bear seeing Mikey pregnant and Mikey never knew I had the accident. Sometimes I wonder what could have really happened between I and Mikayla’.


To be continued….


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Sustaining The Divine Connection

There are times we find ourselves in need of a major solution to a long-standing problem, a major breakthrough and probably a divine connection with people that matters, that will make us connect 99.9% if not 100% with God and we give him our total self just to change our situation and trust me it does works because God is definitely one that can’t resist helping his children. No matter how bad a child is, his mother will always have a deep connection with the child and tries to correct the child’s ways through prayers and discipline.

It is great to hand over our difficulties to God but the big question is what happens next after getting the answer or result? We may think sharing a testimony in the church is OK or maybe having a thanksgiving service in the church where family and friends celebrate you is enough but it is really not enough.

My prayer for everyone reading this post is for your praise to be greater than your prayers, however, the fire in you with which you used in communicating with Him shouldn’t dim for one second. Have been at that stage, where when I need something from God, I connect so great with Him and when He finally answers me, I see myself making excuses for why my connection is weakening and I remember telling my sister sometime ago that it seems God is far from me but she gave an excellent answer which is so true, She said; ‘God has always been there but I chose to treat him in an ignorant manner’. With that, I resolved to always keep the fire burning and that has given a chance to more doors opening for me and even extending to my family and friends.

Let’s keep the fire burning, remember Him at all times and not when we are in dire need of something, and when we finally get what we want from Him, please do not neglect the relationship you have built with Him.



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Cancer…Against All Odds

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February 4 was celebrated worldwide being world cancer’s day and survivors have been posting updates of how they fought cancer and reading about it one could feel the joy radiating from them writing about it, however others were talking about waiting for death day because their case has been termed terminal and some have giving up hope of fighting probably due to family given up on them as a result of lack of funds to help them fight the disease.

The dreaded disease that does not respect your prestige, position, affluence and your bank accounts. At first, cancer was categorized as being hereditary but now it surpasses that due to the kind of environment we now live in, the type of lifestyle we are into and the kinda food we eat.

Have been trying to  write about it after I stumbled on Triple G boss, Ubi Franklin’s post on his Instagram handle where he was encouraging his followers to support a certain lady in their own little way rather than buying him a gift for his 30th birthday. Out of curiosity, I went to the lady’s page on Instagram and I was amazed to see a strong woman who is seriously fighting cancer. She has been fighting cancer since December 2011, she survived breast cancer stage IV but apparently the cancerous cells spread to some organs in her body and thus making her still in war with the dreaded disease but I have faith she will overcome.

I cried when I saw her photos that depicted the struggles she has being facing but was amazed on how happy she was despite the pains and stress she must be experiencing as a result of the gravity of the disease. Against all odds this lady is still pushing strong, educating people on the importance of early detection and above all having faith in God to survive the storms.

Cancer is so deadly and wicked that some people now wish to have HIV rather than have cancer, can you beat that? I believe we will overcome soonest because there was a time HIV was like a death sentence but now, people can comfortably live with it even though there isn’t any known cure for it now. I appreciate scientists globally who are working tirelessly to get a cure for these dreadful diseases and I implore all to live a healthy life because that is the little we can do while trusting God for good health.

Please, it will be nice and thoughtful if everyone can show their support to Idiangbonya Osarere Deborah in her fight against cancer, no amount is too small.

I just donated even though I don’t know her personally likewise she knowing me but I know is for a good cause, so I beg everyone reading this post to do same and God in his infinite mercies will reward those that deem it fit to assist her. Why not do it like a thanksgiving seed to God for the gift of life that you are healthy and not in the hospital?

For more information on how to assist please visit her Instagram handle @debbified. Please be very sure you are accessing her real Instagram handle as some fraudsters are claiming to be her.

God bless you as you do so.



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February And Love….

February is usually termed the month of love as a result of the celebration most couples look forward to which is the “Valentine”. Should it really be so? Is it only in this month we can actually feel love from our spouse? So if my partner showers me with wonderful gifts or a surprise vacation, I should be contented with it and not expect anything else till the next February?

In as much that every partner in a relationship expects something in the form of a gift, we should have it at the back of our mind that it isn’t enough and we shouldn’t grade our relationship as great just because we were given the most expensive gift ever.

Every relationship is beautiful and wonderful if one is in it with a matured and respected partner that shares mutual goals and are ready to encourage one other. Such relationships do not wait for February before they do the needful. There are couples that don’t see it as a big deal if they don’t get any gift from their partner while some tend to believe that if they don’t anything or even something tangible, then something is wrong somewhere. They start entertaining thoughts of been a side chic as they can’t believe a guy they are dating can’t even give them a valentine present no matter how cheap it is.

Is usually not the case, about 60% of guys ain’t romantic and if peradventure you are dating a guy who is in this category, I would advise you don’t get annoyed, however, am not justifying the actions of the guy but am trying to say before a lady jumps into such conclusion, she should first ask herself if her partner has ever gotten her anything during the other months apart from February or even surprise her in different aspects no matter how little it is. If after doing the maths and you noticed he has then it is expected one doesn’t condemn a guy for not getting her a “Val” gift.

There are guys who will shower their partners with expensive stuff just so the lady will keep a blind eye to their unfaithfulness and their lackadaisical behavior to commitment. And the big question will be which do you prefer? A guy that has you in mind, and showers you with affections, makes you feel special and in his own little way, and within his capacity showers you gift or a guy that feels he can buy your love with expensive gifts?

Have heard ladies say their partner is stingy, and truthfully dating a stingy guy could be extremely annoying and makes one feels frustrated because complaining about it makes them feel like they are too materialistic or too forward about it. This is actually a turn off among ladies even to the most independent lady. Have come to realized that most guys like dating an independent working class lady just because they feel the lady won’t ask them for anything and guys like this uses February to shower gift to their partner because is once a year and if you are married to such a man, he will feel you ain’t considerate after all he is taking care of the family.

Well, having discussed the above, let’s celebrate love for our partner always and not wait for February to do that. However, couples should make use of this opportunity to treat each other right, appreciate each other and just have a spectacular time together.

Ladies shouldn’t wait for their partner to get them a gift before getting him one. By giving him a gift, you are letting him know that it is expected and always nice to receive a gift from ones’ partners when they are in love and I bet you, a man that is sincere in heart and can be talked to, will get the meaning and learn from that simple illustration.

Also, remember that you don’t have to wait for your partner to always plan ‘Val’ day. You can go out of your way to check for good deals as there are various holiday companies who have ready made packaged deals that can suit everyone’s budget. So surprise him this time around and I can assure you, it will do a lot for you both.

Most importantly we should also show love to those who are love deprived. There are people who have never received any gift from anyone, show love to such people and they are all around us from our neighborhood to our office even in the church.



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Every Lady Has A Story…

Yes that is true, for every lady has a story whether good or bad, thus, we shouldn’t rush to condemn someone or conclude on someone’s case. I had to gather enough case studies to create this write up and am very sure there are people who can relate to it.

Tammy, a friend’s colleague was one lady that talks too much, in fact, the day I met her, I got tired of talking because she kept talking non stop. I even had to ask my friend how they cope with her in the office, she just laughed and say that’s Tammy for you. Taking it as her personality, I knew she ain’t the kinda person I can have as friend because of that trait. Though she is very efficient in her job, next in line to be a manager but one major flaw kept dragging her behind and she didn’t know. Her MD was kind enough to point it to her that the reasons she won’t be given the managerial position was because she talks too much and in so doing, it has been observed that she leaks company’s confidential reports. It was funny but was advised to see a specialist and from the visit, it was discovered that she has a low self esteem and feels bragging about the opportunities garnered in her company and boasting about her position makes her feel desired and people wanting to interact with her. I learned she was told to work on herself, and forget about how poor her background was but should be proud of herself and what she has achieved and should let people to the appraisal of her achievement rather than bragging about it.

Meriah, my neighbor was someone I felt was so lazy and couldn’t just imagine why she would have a live-in house help when she had just one kid and she is even a housewife. My point of view was that why is she behaving like she is the first person to be pregnant? After all I am a mother with two kids. It hurt me so much, but I couldn’t voice it out in the open, but I didn’t even noticed that I wasn’t the only one thinking our neighbor was lazy, even the security man thought so also. A very wonderful day got both of us talking and she opened up to me how she has always have difficulties carrying a baby to full term, the pains and anguish as a result of each miscarriage she had. Under 5 years of marriage, she miscarried thrice and, in fact, resigned her fate till a lady introduce her to her now gynaecologist who advised that whenever she takes in, her cervix will need to be closed and after which she has to be on total bed rest because her womb is extremely fragile. That method was successful and resulted to her first baby and had to do same method for the second baby.

Gosh I was shocked and ashamed at the same time because here I was condemning someone without knowing the reasons behind her actions. I learned a very big lesson that very day, never to conclude so fast.

Aisha, a friend after my own heart is one strong lady that I admire so much. She is very hardworking and a successful entrepreneur but she find it difficult interacting with guys, at first, we are friends thought maybe it was due to her religion because she was from a staunch Muslim home and her dad is an ‘Imam’. However we didn’t know she had been abused by her teacher during her secondary school. She was a boarder and her maths teacher raped her repeatedly, but she was so scared and ashamed to report the case and had to keep it to herself. That pain was etched on her for a long time and she felt no one not even her mother is worthy of knowing her struggles. Her family praise her as the good girl that you can’t see messing around with men and her mum thought she was still a virgin at 27 not knowing that she isn’t. When she clocked 35, her folks were now getting worried as she wasn’t bringing any suitor home rather concentrating on expanding her jewelry business. Side remarks was made that she is a lesbian and even a runs girl just pretending to be good. It got so bad that she now felt she needed to talk to someone and she chose me. After opening her heart to me, I saw a different Aisha that day. I saw a lady that is scared and also angry at the men folk just because of what one man did. I don’t see myself as a counselor or a specialist, but I had to calmly tell her I understood why is acting that way but first she has to let go of the past and to do that, she needed to forgive her teacher. I couldn’t say more rather than to thrust some of my wonderful motivational books to her and invite her to my church which I felt she won’t attend but to my surprise she did, and after service I introduced her to my pastor’s wife and they booked an appointment. 3 months later, I saw a different woman. A smiling confident and strong woman that was ready to mingle and the first thing she did was to employ a male staff because it was so bad before as she has never employed a male staff. To her that was a step and many more steps were taken and God blessed her with a man that was ready to walk her through her fears and marry her despite her past. She celebrated her new path as a christian by changing her name to Esther.

Soty is one lady that you can never hear she is in a relationship and whenever she is in one, she is out before you can even ask her how far. It got so tiring and we felt she was making the relationship unbearable for the guys and it doesn’t bother her. We tried countless times trying to hook her up with trustworthy male colleagues, friends and even relatives but it usually doesn’t get serious. Having experience of not judging people quickly made me arrange for a one on one weekend with her. We decided to lodge in a hotel and after the relaxation, hanging out and the nice night outing, I decided the following day been Saturday will be a good day to thrash it out. At first she was angry I cornered her that way, lured her like she said but she knew she couldn’t escape from opening up to me. I assured her no issues if she isn’t comfortable and even left her alone. Later in the evening she opened up to me that she is from a very humble background with moral values and that when she was in school, she was in a relationship that saw her pregnant and she had to abort the baby. Her boyfriend then wasn’t patient enough to help her heal and was still trying to demand sex, she couldn’t take it anymore and hard to break up with him. The ordeal has made her so rigid that she feels all men are after sex which she isn’t ready for and they are not ready to support her policy of no sex till marriage because she doesn’t want to be in that point anymore as the whole incidence seems to be still fresh in her mind.

A female colleague never sees any good in any man despite the fact that she is married. She feels men are liars and cheat. It got to a point that almost all staff in my office knows about her hatred for men. You will see her trying to advise single female colleagues not to trust their partner because when he finally marries them, he will definitely change. We the other ladies in the office knew about this but we decided not to say anything about it but to advise the singles on been careful in knowing who they share their private affairs to. However the male colleagues couldn’t stand the discrimination against their gender and had to speak to her, which resulted in a clear vision and reasoning of why she was acting that way. It was discovered that her father physically abused her mum and having that mindset that is a normal thing led her to marrying a man that doesn’t hide the fact that he cheats on her regularly and emotionally abuses her daily.

Well, no one knows the tears or the pains of ladies behind their wonderfully made up face, looking elegant and smiling like all is well with them when all isn’t. It took me awhile to understand that some people act the way they do due to circumstances beyond their control, but I do believe that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. However bottling up issues and emotions doesn’t help because no one is God for them to understand what you are going through, that is why we need to have a good communication  among those we call friends in order for them to understand us better, after all it is said that a close mouth is a close destiny, so we should learn the habit of opening up instead of dying in silence, although one has to be careful and be extremely choosy when thinking of confiding in someone.


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Thinking Of Quitting?…..Think Again!!!!


Honestly Funmi am sick and tired of sending my cvs in different companies without result, said Kemi as she angrily pace her mini flat she has been staying for the past 3years.

Well I understand how you feel replied Funmi but you have to keep pressing forward till you get what you have always wanted.If I tell you how I suffered before getting to where I am today, you will be amazed. I got to understand very quickly that in this life is only God that can really fight for you. Just 3years after school, you are already complaining replied Fumni to Kemi’s attitude towards life.

Kemi and Funmi are neighbors and they have become so close as they both attend same church. Funmi works in a bank while Kemi is still waiting for the big picture while managing in a small firm. Kemi sees Funmi as a big sister and often confides in her about her fears and worries.

Sitting her down, Funmi narrated to Kemi how she struggled to be where she is today, how she had to be patient while thanking God for what she had at hand until a vision came to her to equip herself in the particular field she has always had passion for. She advised Kemi to do same, to develop herself and leave the rest to God.

Most times we find ourselves being fed up about life issues and angry about our present situations but we tend to give up so quickly instead of keep pushing forward, because am sorry to say but worry only aggravate the situation rather that solve the puzzle.

An average human want to succeed beyond all reasonable doubt and to do that one needs to be positive about life, you have to filter your friends to know who shares same aspirations with you and be ready to leave behind those that can’t share your dreams and aspirations.

Do yourself a favor and speak to your inner self cos you are in charge and stop carrying this negative energy around you as it will do you no good. Learn to say NO to some jobs, friends and associates, work extensively in branding yourself because in this modern age, packaging goes a long way.

Now instead of thinking of quitting, think of strategies to actualize your dreams because your dream can’t materialize without you doing something about it. There is absolute no one on this planet earth that don’t think of the wonderful life, so is left for us to keep fighting and with diligence, strong mind and absolute belief in ourselves and of course faith in God, we can achieve all that we set our mind and heart on.

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