Happiness From Within

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I tried to understand why things are going same way,
I tried to justify my actions,
I tried to question my instincts,
I tried to perfect all my imperfections just to be accepted,
I tried to lower my standards just so I can accommodate different flaws,
I tried to just live life just so I won’t be tag too serious.

But what I failed to realize is that i’m a unique being,
I was created in a special way,
I was made to love myself first before anyone will,
My standards ain’t high, some people are not just worth having me,
I can’t be someone else to prove a point to those who doesn’t deserve me,
Tomorrow is pregnant so, therefore, my time will surely come.

Why brood over people that don’t create time to be with you?
Why accommodate unnecessary personalities that only make you sad?
Why let yourself to believe everyone can be your friends when clearly is not true?
Why justify the actions of unserious people in your life?

You are worth more than diamonds!
You are wonderfully made!
You are the peaceful heart to a troubled soul!
Treasure the few friends you have,
Value quality over quantity,
Smile for your turn to laugh over your sorrows has come!!



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February And Love….

February is usually termed the month of love as a result of the celebration most couples look forward to which is the “Valentine”. Should it really be so? Is it only in this month we can actually feel love from our spouse? So if my partner showers me with wonderful gifts or a surprise vacation, I should be contented with it and not expect anything else till the next February?

In as much that every partner in a relationship expects something in the form of a gift, we should have it at the back of our mind that it isn’t enough and we shouldn’t grade our relationship as great just because we were given the most expensive gift ever.

Every relationship is beautiful and wonderful if one is in it with a matured and respected partner that shares mutual goals and are ready to encourage one other. Such relationships do not wait for February before they do the needful. There are couples that don’t see it as a big deal if they don’t get any gift from their partner while some tend to believe that if they don’t anything or even something tangible, then something is wrong somewhere. They start entertaining thoughts of been a side chic as they can’t believe a guy they are dating can’t even give them a valentine present no matter how cheap it is.

Is usually not the case, about 60% of guys ain’t romantic and if peradventure you are dating a guy who is in this category, I would advise you don’t get annoyed, however, am not justifying the actions of the guy but am trying to say before a lady jumps into such conclusion, she should first ask herself if her partner has ever gotten her anything during the other months apart from February or even surprise her in different aspects no matter how little it is. If after doing the maths and you noticed he has then it is expected one doesn’t condemn a guy for not getting her a “Val” gift.

There are guys who will shower their partners with expensive stuff just so the lady will keep a blind eye to their unfaithfulness and their lackadaisical behavior to commitment. And the big question will be which do you prefer? A guy that has you in mind, and showers you with affections, makes you feel special and in his own little way, and within his capacity showers you gift or a guy that feels he can buy your love with expensive gifts?

Have heard ladies say their partner is stingy, and truthfully dating a stingy guy could be extremely annoying and makes one feels frustrated because complaining about it makes them feel like they are too materialistic or too forward about it. This is actually a turn off among ladies even to the most independent lady. Have come to realized that most guys like dating an independent working class lady just because they feel the lady won’t ask them for anything and guys like this uses February to shower gift to their partner because is once a year and if you are married to such a man, he will feel you ain’t considerate after all he is taking care of the family.

Well, having discussed the above, let’s celebrate love for our partner always and not wait for February to do that. However, couples should make use of this opportunity to treat each other right, appreciate each other and just have a spectacular time together.

Ladies shouldn’t wait for their partner to get them a gift before getting him one. By giving him a gift, you are letting him know that it is expected and always nice to receive a gift from ones’ partners when they are in love and I bet you, a man that is sincere in heart and can be talked to, will get the meaning and learn from that simple illustration.

Also, remember that you don’t have to wait for your partner to always plan ‘Val’ day. You can go out of your way to check for good deals as there are various holiday companies who have ready made packaged deals that can suit everyone’s budget. So surprise him this time around and I can assure you, it will do a lot for you both.

Most importantly we should also show love to those who are love deprived. There are people who have never received any gift from anyone, show love to such people and they are all around us from our neighborhood to our office even in the church.



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