Take A Chance

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Wow, the long overdue holiday is finally here, can’t believe am actually taking a break, Nelly thought within herself. After celebrating her 31st birthday some months ago, she vowed to live life to the fullest irrespective of what people might say.

She knows she ain’t financially buoyant as her salary barely sustains her after paying major bills but this is what she has planned to do and she will see to it God’s willing. Her 31st birthday brought tears to her eyes because somehow she felt she hadn’t gotten to where she has always dreamt of. A good job and a family to call her own. She had hoped for a long time that her dreams will become a reality but up till now what she has been faced with are nothing but nightmares that gives her sleepless nights daily.

She didn’t even know what gave her the courage to apply for a US visa, even when the odds were against her, she just believed what will be will surely be. She kept the decision to herself and did the processing herself. When it was time for her interview, she just placed her trust in God and He proved himself in her life and she got the visa and that was when strategic planning of her leave started.

Her luggage wasn’t much or heavy neither is this the first time she is embarking on a long flight but she just couldn’t understand why she kept having some out of the place feeling. She usually feels this way when something is about to happen, not a bad feeling but somehow it makes her anxious and wondering how her stay in Houston will turn out.

Her best friend from the university is picking her up from the airport and she can’t wait to enjoy her holiday. lost in her thoughts as she made her way to the check-in section, she saw herself falling to the ground and would have fallen flat on the ground if not for the intervention of one of the crew members. Gosh, she felt so embarrassed as all eyes were on her.

‘Are you alright?’
‘Hello, madam, can you hear me?
‘Ya am alright and can hear you, replied Nelly, she just couldn’t bring herself to look at her rescuer’s face, I must have stepped on something that would warrant me falling, and this time around, she looked upward to her rescuer’s face and beheld a fine clean guy who appears to be in his late thirties’.

‘Uhmm, thanks for the assistance but I think I can help myself from this point’.
‘Are you sure? which airline are you flying with?
‘Uhmm that will be Turkish airline to Houston’,
‘Really? Am one of the crew on that flight’.
‘My name is James and you are?

‘Nelly, she quickly said and couldn’t wait for the handsome James to let go of her hand so she can proceed to check in.
‘I could help you check in your luggage if you wouldn’t mind’?
‘Nelly felt that would be a great idea but the number of people still staring at her made her uncomfortable and had to turn down the offer.
‘I really appreciate but I have to go now’.
‘Ok, said James, do hope you enjoy the flight’.
‘Ya, I will, thanks, Nelly replied’.

They made their first stop at Istanbul and Nelly got herself ready to alight from the cabin. She walks towards the exit door close to the cockpit and saw herself face to face with James.
She had been thinking about him all through the flight from Lagos to Istanbul and had this wishful thinking that he would come and look for her inside the cabin but it never happened.

‘Hi Nelly, hope you enjoyed the first leg of your journey?
‘Ya I did, it was a peaceful flight and I actually slept through it’.
‘Wow, that’s great to know. So do you know your way around the airport or this is your first time?
‘Yes, this is my first time, and I really have to be on my way so I can join the others.
Alright, that’s fine, see you around’.

Nelly alighted from the aircraft and made her way to the shuttle bus, feeling low cos she had somehow expected him to ask for her details. She got to the bus and noticed all seats were already occupied and had to choice but to stand.

All passengers made their way to the airport, she was already getting hungry and was wondering how she will cope with the 7hours stopover time. The flight menu wasn’t appealing to her being a picky eater and had to make do with the small bread and juice been served. After passing through immigration, she decided to get a burger from one of the eateries in the airport and met James again.

She became worried if he was kinda following her. This time around, she was the one that called him out.
‘Wow, can’t believe I ran into you again or are you following me’?
James smiled, and replied no, that he usually have his mid-flight snack from MacDonald.
Oh, I see, replied Nelly feeling disappointed.
‘Am actually hungry and need to place my order so excuse me and nice meeting you again’.
‘Well not so fast, first let me pay for the snacks and we can sit down to have a little chat before I join my other crew guys.
‘No no no, I wouldn’t want a stranger to pay for my food.
‘Well am certainly not a stranger, and he flashed one of the sexiest smile Nelly has ever seen, she just couldn’t stand her ground with the way he made her feel from that smile.
‘They made their way to an available space after getting their food and got talking, Nelly found herself so comfortable in his presence, and noticed he is actually a mixed breed which he later confirmed that he is a Mexican American but his dad’s mum is a Nigerian.
‘How do I reach you? Or do you have an American line?

Nelly was surprised and elated at the same time that he want to keep in touch.
‘No, I don’t but you can have my Nigeria line because my WhatsApp will be active and when I get a line, I will pass it onto you’.
‘Okay, that’s fine and they exchanged numbers.


To be continued….


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